Flower Forecast: How are the flower fields in Holland growing?

Are you planning to visit Holland to see the blooming tulip fields in spring? If the answer is yes, you should really follow our free Flower Forecast.

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With our Flower Forecast we keep you updated about the growing of the flowers in Holland. We are located in the middle of the Bollenstreek (flower area), close to the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam. We see the flower fields every day so we will inform you with our forecast for the blooming of the fields in the 2020 spring season.

Every year we start at the beginning of March with our weekly Flower Forecast to tell you the status of the flowering of the flower fields in Holland.

Each Flower Forecast contains a current state of flowering of the flower fields and the expectation for the coming week. We will give you an update about the weather forecasts and we also pay attention to the best flower events that take place in the coming week.

Flowering in Keukenhof Gardens

 Blooming tulips in Keukenhof Gardens – Photo taken on May 3 2018

In our weekly Flower Forecast we also give you an update on the flowering of the flowers at Keukenhof Gardens

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Flower Forecasts 2020

We are very enthusiastic about the tulip season 2020. Follow our Flower Forecasts. From 5 March to 7 May 2020 you will find here every Thursday the latest update on the expectation of flowers such as tulips.

Flower Forecasts 2019

The first flower report for the 2019 season was published on 11 January 2019. See all our Flower Forecast for 2019 below:

Flower Forecasts 2018

Flower Map

We also participate in the Flower Map. This handy Google maps tool shows you exactly where the blooming flower fields can be found. The Flower Map will also be updated every week from 5 March 2020. We will include the Flower Map with our Flower Forecast in 2020. 

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