Flower status 22 april

Flower Forecast – 22 April 2021 – The tulips grow slowly

It is still cold in Holland. Because of this, the tulips grow slowly. Unfortunately, it looks like Keukenhof Gardens will not be allowed to open this tulip season. Fortunately, there are small-scale flower attractions and it is possible to cycle along the tulip fields or enjoy the tulips on a sightseeing tour. For the coming week we expect more colour in the tulip fields every day.

Due to the corona measures, many tulip activities are not allowed to open yet. If you want to know how you can still enjoy the tulips, check out our corona page.

Enjoy the tulips digitally

We will spread the positive spring message of the Tulip Festival digitally. Through our Facebook and Instagram we will give updates about the tulips’ flowering. So follow us and enjoy the beautiful spring flowers in Holland.

Current state of the tulip fields in Holland

The landscape in the Bollenstreek (flower region) is already very colourful. Every day, the tulip fields get more colour. Because of the cold weather, many flowers also stay beautiful longer. Several small-scale flower attractions have already decided to be open a week longer this season because the tulips are so late that year.

Weather forecast Holland

The weather forecast predicts nice but cold weather. It looks like April is going to be a historically cold month. Because the sun will be visible often, it is nice weather to enjoy the tulips.

Flower Forecast 2021*

The tulips will continue to grow slowly in the coming weeks. We do not expect the peak of flowering until the end of April. We will have to wait and see when the growers will start to head the tulips. Usually, this is at the beginning of May. The small-scale flower attractions have already decided to let the tulips bloom until 15 May.

This means we expect the following blooming periods for the flower fields:

  • Crocus – blooming between beginning of March till Mid-April
  • Daffoldils – Daffoldils fields from beginning of March till the end of April.
  • Hyacints – Hyacint flower fields from the end of March till the end of April.
  • Tulips – Blooming from the second week in April. Peak blooming will be End of April till the beginning of May. The showgardens at Tulip Farms will keep the tulip fields blooming until 16 May.

*We try to predict the flowering of the flowers as well as possible. However, the bloom continues to be influenced by nature. Due to weather conditions the flowering process can be different than what we expect.

Current state of the flowers at Keukenhof

Unfortunately, Keukenhof Gardens is not allowed to open by the Dutch government. Therefore, the flower park makes a lot of videos that allow many people to enjoy spring in the most beautiful spring park in the world. Mid-May we will announce the definitive opening dates for 2022.

Flower Map 2021

From the beginning of March till the beginning of May 2021 we will update the Flower Map weekly. Because there are many travel restrictions, the Flower Map will be in Dutch by 2021.

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