Tulip Festival Amsterdam

Tulip Festival is traditionally the start of spring in Holland. Millions of spring flowers like tulips show their brilliant colors to visitors from all over the world. Tulip Festival 2020 will start on Saturday 21 March till Sunday 10 May.

During Tulip Festival it is time for lots of flower events, flower gardens like Keukenhof, the Dutch Flower Parade and various tours for sightseeing the amazing tulip fields. Many of the activities are close to Amsterdam and ideal to combine with a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Top 5 things to do during Tulip Festival

The flower season starts at the end of March and will last until mid May. There are a lot of things to do during the Tulip Festival season. We have collected the top 5 of things to do during Tulip Festival in Amsterdam.

1. Sightseeing the blooming flower fields

Tulip Fields near Amsterdam
Beautiful flower fields in Holland

The Dutch flower fields have been there for more than 400 years. The flowers are the highlight of spring in Holland. Seeing the millions of blooming flowers that create the colorful lines is just amazing. Especially the tulip fields are very popular but also the crocus, daffodils and hyacinth fields are a must see (and smell). To see the blooming flower fields you will need to plan your trip. The blooming is very depending on the weather conditions in late winter and early spring.

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2. Take a look at a real tulip farm

Farmer Daan and his wife Anja on there tulip farm near Keukenhof 

If you pass the flower fields you would almost forget that this fields are owned by growers who run their business. Most flower fields are there to grow flower bulbs. So it’s not about the flowers. In early May, the flowers are often headed to ensure that the bulbs get the best quality.

There are a number of flower farms where you can go along and learn more about growing flower bulbs.

3. Visit the amazing Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Flower Gardens near Amsterdam

Keukenhof Gardens is the most populair flower attraction in Holland. Every year the colorful garden gets more than one million visitors in just a few weeks of opening. In 2020 the gardens are open from 21 March till 10 May.

4. Check out the Flower Parade and other flower events

Spring Flower Parade in Holland

Every spring there are several traditional events in Holland around the flowers. The most famous is the flower parade Bollenstreek. But there are many more flower events that are worth a visit.

5. Learn more about the flowers at one of the flower museums

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Amsterdam Tulip Museum in Amsterdam

Would you like to know more about the flowers from Holland and view art that is inspired by the beauty of flowers? Then visit one of the flower museums in the Netherlands.

Tulips from Holland

If you have 5 minutes time you have to watch the video below. The video tells the history of the tulip in a very nice way. Learn more about the tulipmania and how the tulip became the Dutch national symbol.

Watch the history of the Tulip in this short animation made by the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

More about tulips

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