About Tulip Festival

Tulips are one of the most loved flowers in the world. Tulips are also the national symbol for Holland. But did you know that tulips are not original from The Netherlands?

Wanna know more about tulips? On this page we will post a lot of information about the history, present and future of the tulips.

We will also give information about the different Tulip farms in Holland. Some of the tulip farms are open for visitors during springtime and the sale of flower bulbs in Autumn.

History of the Tulip

If you have 5 minutes time you have too watch the video below. The video tells the history of the tulip in a very nice way. Learn more about the tulipmania and how the tulip became the Dutch national symbol.

Watch the history of the Tulip in this short animation made by the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

More about tulips

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