Keukenhof map

When you visit Keukenhof you can get a free map at the entrance of the park. Want to prepare you visit at Keukenhof? Check out the Keukenhof map.

Keukenhof map

Entrance of Keukenhof

The main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens has two entrances. The Main entrance and the extra entrance. Most visitors will enter the park at the main entrance. The biggest parking area is located there and the Keukenhof Express Bus, tour busses and taxis are located at the main entrance. If you travel by bike you can park your bike also at the main entrance. The extra entrance is only open during busy days. There is an extra parking area for cars at the extra entrance.

Keukenhof tickets

Are you ready for your visit? Make sure you buy your tickets online so you don’t have to wait at the checkout at Keukenhof.

Tickets for Keukenhof Gardens 2020

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Keukenhof Skip the line Adult ticket€ 19,00Buy tickets »
Kids ticket 4-17 years€ 9.00Buy tickets »
Kids up to 3 yearsFree
Parking ticket one day€ 6,00Buy tickets »
Bus (return ticket) + Keukenhof Skip the line€ 25,00Buy tickets »
Rental Bike at Keukenhof€ 19,50Buy tickets »
Keukenhof Guided Tour from Amsterdam
including a visit to a real tulip farm
€ 69,00Buy tickets »

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