Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Tips for traveling to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

 If you travel to the Netherlands by plane, you have a good chance of flying at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. With more than 64 million visitors a year, this airport is one of the largest in Europe.

Travel tips

Traveling to an unknown airport often raises questions. With our travel tips you can prepare yourself for your journey. This way you save time,  money and you also travel more comfortably.

Travel to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

When you arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol your journey starts in Holland. You first follow the signs to the customs and pick up any luggage. On the screens at the airport you can check the number of the band where your luggage will arrive. Usually it takes about 20 minutes before the first baggage appears on the belt.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Arrivals Map

Once through customs you begin your journey to your destination.

You will enter Schiphol Plaza from one of the 4 Arrival spots. (see map above). From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you have several options for traveling.

Travel by train

The Train Station at Schiphol Airport is right under the airport. From there, you can take a lift or escalator to Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s main foyer. It’s close to Arrivals, and a minute or two’s walk to Departures.

Travel by bus

t’s easy to take a bus to Schiphol – the bus depot is right outside Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s main foyer. It’s a few steps walk to and from Arrivals and Departures.

Travel by car

Amsterdam Airport is very easy to reach by car.  There are many excellent parking options. When you get to Schiphol, follow the signs to Short-term Parking (up to 48 hours) or Long-term Parking (3 days+). You’ll always find a parking space that suits you.

Travel by taxi

You can opt for a regular taxi, a luxurious Schiphol Business Taxi, or a minivan from Schiphol Travel Taxis. Many taxi companies have special discount rates to Schiphol.

Travel by bike

Schiphol is easily accessible by bike. There are excellent bike paths around the airport to the terminal, as well as three bike sheds where you can park for up to four weeks. There is NO bike rental point at the airport!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has some great services

Baggage storage at Amsterdam Airport

Signs for baggage storage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Temporarily storing your luggage at Schiphol? That is possible in the luggage storage. Handy if you want to go to Amsterdam of Keukenhof Gardens during a longer transfer at Schiphol. Or if you do not want to carry your suitcase or bag for whatever reason. 

You can hand luggage and checked baggage in the baggage hold. This is possible for a maximum of 30 days. The luggage storage is open 24 hours a day. You can find the depot in the basement between Arrivals Hall 1 and Arrivals Hall 2.

You can only pay with a debit or credit card. Keep your receipt well, because if you lose it, we have to use our best sleuths to find your suitcase. We charge € 8, – administration costs for this. Tip: take a picture of your receipt.

Type of BaggageType of Baggage
Hand baggage (max 55x35x25 cm)€ 6,- each
Hold baggage€ 9,- each
Odd-size baggage€ 12,- each
WardrobeDeviating luggage

If you pass through security without your baggage, you cannot easily go back to retrieve it from the Baggage Depot.

Free Wifi at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

At the terminal you will have unlimited use of free and fast wifi. Please make sure you use the official wifi hotspot to prevent bad wifi hotspots. 

Officlial Wi-fi : Airport_Free _Wifi