Hotels along the Flower Parade route

Want to fully enjoy the Flower Parade in Holland? Check out our hotel tips for visiting the Flower Parade. You will see the parade and combine your trip with sightseeing the tulip fields and visit great flower events and flower attractions.

Below we will list the best hotels for visiting the Flower Parade. The hotels are very populair and every Flower Parade fully booked. If you want to stay in one of these hotels we advise you to book early. The route of the Flower parade is 42 kilometers long. We have picked the three most populair places to view the parade: Noordwijk Beach, Keukenhof and the city center of Haarlem.

YearParade DayEvents Parade Week
2022Saturday 23 April20 April – 24 April
2023Saturday 22 April19 April – 23 April
2024Saturday 20 April17 April – 21 April
2025Saturday 12 April9 April – 13 April

Parade Week | 19 – 23 April 2022

Parade week starts every year on the Wednesday before Flower Parade Day and ends on Sunday after Parade Day. During Parade week you can visit lots of different flower events and attractions in Holland. It is the perfect week for enjoying the flowers at their best. With normal weather conditions the flower fields will be in bloom.

Hotels to visit the making of the Flower Parade

Flower Parade Construction days – Photo:

Lots of people are working hard to get all colorful floats ready for the parade on Saturday. During these construction days you can get a look behind the scenes of the Flower Parade. Check out how much work it is to create the floats and smell all the flowers.

If you want to stay very close to the construction days there is only one hotel. Near the hotel there is a train station that has a train connection with Amsterdam, Airport Schiphol, Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam. Distance to Keukenhof Gardens is just 10 kilometers. The hotel rents bikes so you can go sightseeing the flower fields and visit Keukenhof very easy.

Van der Valk SassenheimCheck availability »

Hotels in Noordwijk Beach

Flower Parade at Noordwijk Beach – Photo: Noordwijk Marketing

On Saturday morning the Flower Parade will start from Noordwijk Beach. It is a great location with wide beaches and nature. It is known as the flower beach because you will find beautiful flower fields around Noordwijk. There are a lot of great hotels near the beach front and near the dunes. Keukenhof Gardens is just 11 kilometers. Noordwijk is perfect for visiting the following events:

  • Night edition of the Flower Parade on Friday 22 April 2022
  • See the start of the Flower Parade in Noordwijk on Saturday 23 April 2022
  • From Friday 22 April till Sunday 24 April there is a flower car show on the beach boulevard of Noordwijk
  • Sightseeing the tulip fields is perfect with Noordwijk as your starting point
  • On Saturday 23 April and Sunday 24 April you have the possibility to enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight above the flower fields. Helicopter location is near Noordwijk.
  • Keukenhof Gardens is just 10 kilometers from Noordwijk. Visit the park early morning of early evening to avoid the large crowds on parade day.
Grand Hotel Huis ter DuinCheck availability »
Beach Hotel NoordwijkCheck availability »
Van der Valk Palace Hotel NoordwijkCheck availability »
Vesper HotelCheck availability »
Golden Tulip Noordwijk BeachCheck availability »
Hotel Van Oranje, Autograph CollectionCheck availability »
Prominent Inn HotelCheck availability »
NH Noordwijk LeeuwenhorstCheck availability »
Fletcher Hotel Restaurant De Witte RaafCheck availability »

Hotels near Keukenhof Gardens

Photo: Keukenhof / Laurens Lindhout

In the afternoon (Around 3:00 PM) the Flower Parade will pass Keukenhof Gardens on the Keukenhof boulevard.

Keukenhof Gardens is located in the middle of the flower fields region near Amsterdam and a very populair place to visit during spring in Holland. Keukenhof is also the highlight of Flower Parade Day with lots of extra entertainment and events to enjoy. Due to its popularity, it is a challenge to travel to Keukenhof on Flower Parade day. Many people choose to book a hotel near Keukenhof. These hotels and b&b’s are very populair so book in time! When you stay near Keukenhof we advise you to:

  • Visit the Night edition of the Flower Parade on Friday 22 April
  • See the Flower Parade in downtown Lisse or at Keukenhof on Saturday 23 April
  • On Friday 22 April and Saturday 23 April there is a large market in Lisse
  • Sightseeing the tulip fields is perfect with Lisse as your starting point
  • On Saturday 23 April and Sunday 24 April you have the possibility to enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight above the flower fields. Helicopter location is near Keukenhof.
  • Keukenhof Gardens is just around the corner. Visit the park early morning of early evening to avoid the large crowds on parade day.
Hotel Restaurant & Casino De NachtegaalCheck availability »
Hotel de LisCheck availability »
Hotel Restaurant de EngelCheck availability »
Bed & Breakfast De Vier SeizoenenCheck availability »
B&B BlossomCheck availability »
Boutique Suites Lisse Check availability »
B&B DroomSaamCheck availability »
B&B De Oude Pastorie LisseCheck availability »

Also read our article about hotels near Keukenhof Gardens.

Hotels in Haarlem

Flower Parade in Haarlem | Photo: Bigstock

On Saturday 23 April the Flower Parade will arrive in the evening in the center of Haarlem. On Sunday 24 April the floats will stay in Haarlem center so you can get a closer look at the colorful floats.

Haarlem is the Flower City of Holland and very suitable for a day out or a multi-day stay. During these days there are also special events around flowers and Keukenhof Gardens is only 20 kilometers from Haarlem. When you stay in Haarlem we advise you to:

  • See the Flower Parade with lights on in the center of Haarlem on Saturday 23 April.
  • Take a closer look at the colorful floats on Sunday 24 April in the center of Haarlem.
  • If you want to visit Keukenhof Gardens go on Friday of Sunday. On Parade Day it is difficult to reach the flower park from Haarlem.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful city of Haarlem and the many great restaurants.
Ambassador City Centre HotelCheck availability »
the niu DairyCheck availability »
Hotel RaecksCheck availability »
Hotel MLCheck availability »
Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans HalsCheck availability »
Carlton Square HotelCheck availability »
New Amsterdam Harlem HotelCheck availability »

Hotels in Amsterdam

Canal cruise Amsterdam
Hotels in Amsterdam City | Photo: Bigstock

Although the Flower Parade does not go through Amsterdam, many people still want a hotel in the center of Amsterdam. From Amsterdam you can easily travel to the Flower Parade by car or by public transport. Take the crowds into account on the Parade day and plan your trip from Amsterdam in advance.

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