Flower Parade route and directions

The route of the Flower Parade in Holland is 42 kilometers (26 miles) long. The Parade starts on Saturday 20 April 2024 at 9.10 am and will end at 21.50 pm. Along the route there are many hotspots where you can enjoy the colorful floats. There are covered grandstands at 7 locations where you can relax and enjoy the Flower Parade.

Regular Keukenhof Gardens tickets are sold out for 13 and 20 April. Combination bus tickets and tours from Amsterdam do still have limited availability on these days. Check out the options to still visit Keukenhof on your sold-out date / time slot.

Route of the Flower Parade 2024

The route starts in the morning at Noordwijk Beach and will finish in the evening in the center of Haarlem City. You can see the parade along the complete route. There are some hotspots to see the parade. For each hotspot we will give extra information about the expected time of arrival, directions to the hotspot and hotels near the hotspots.

Route Flower Parade 2024

Noordwijk Beach – 9.10 am

Start of the Flower Parade at Noordwijk Beach

The start of the Flower Parade is at the beautiful beach of Noordwijk. From 8am, the flower parade floats are set up on Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard. The parade starts at 9.10am at the official starting point at the Picképlein roundabout. It is a perfect location to see the parade early in the morning. Because Noordwijk Beach is close to the location of the Night edition of the parade on Friday and it has a lot of great beach hotels its the perfect location to fully enjoy the Flower Parade in Holland. If you want to see the Parade in Noordwijk we advise to book a hotel in Noordwijk. Many roads are blocked on Saturday because of the parade.

Directions to Noordwijk Beach

Noordwijk is easy to reach. Big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are close at hand. So too are Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Sassenheim – 11:55 pm [grandstand location]

The first covered grandstand of the Flower Parade is located in Sassenheim. Places on this grandstand must be booked online in advance. From this location, tours of the flower fields are also given and you can reserve a lunch. The floats in Sassenheim also take a lunch break, making them easy to view.

Downtown Lisse – 3.05 pm [grandstand location]

Lisse is the town where you will find lots of tulip fields and of course Keukenhof Gardens. During the Flower Parade downtown Lisse is very populair. There is a big tourist market and there are artist performing. There will also be a Dutch tv broadcaster making reports about the Flower Parade.

If you want to see the Flower Parade in Lisse you will have to plan in advance. The roads to Lisse are mostly very crowded on parade day. So come early and combine your visit with sightseeing the tulip fields or a visit to Keukenhof Gardens.

Downtown Lisse is just a 10 minutes walk from Keukenhof Gardens. Follow the travel tips to Keukenhof Gardens for directions.

Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse – 3.45 pm

Photocredit: Keukenhof / Laurens Lindhout

The most populair spot to see the Flower Parade is the unique Keukenhof Boulevard in front of the entrance of Keukenhof Gardens. Its the most crowded day in the flower park so plan your day wisely. If you want to visit the gardens during Flower Parade day make sure to visit it early in the morning or after the Parade.

Hillegom – 5:00 pm [grandstand location]

Hillegom is one of the oldest bulb villages and the flower parade arrives late in the afternoon. It is a cozy center and there is a grandstand where you can sit covered. It is necessary to reserve a seat in advance.

City centre of Haarlem – 9.50 pm

Haarlem is one of the great cities in Holland and close to Amsterdam. It’s also being referred as a small version of Amsterdam. All the beauty but less crowded. The Flower Parade ends in the city centre of Haarlem and the floats will stay in Haarlem on Sunday after Parade day. Haarlem is the perfect location for a weekend full of flowers.

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