electric scooter tulip tour

Visit the tulip fields near Keukenhof with an electric scooter

Experience the tulip fields outside Keukenhof Gardens with an electric scooter tulip tour. The electric scooters are perfect to ride along the flower fields and see beautiful flowers, visit tulip farms and the surroundings of Keukenhof Gardens. Are you ready to start your adventure? This self guided scooter tour starts from Noordwijk (10 km from Keukenhof).

Tulip fields outside Keukenhof
Tulip fields outside Keukenhof

You can decide the time hour of the tour when booking. There is a 2-hour morning tour, a 3-hour afternoon tour and an all-day tour (until 5pm). The full-day tour is perfect for combining the tour with a visit to Keukenhof Gardens or a tulip farms and show gardens. The electric scooter is noiseless and very easy to ride.

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Whats included with the scooter tour:

  • A fully charged electric scooter
  • Self guided tulip route for your mobile phone
  • The tulip route passes great photo locations
  • free scooter insurance

What you need to drive your electric scooter

  • The scooter is for 1 person. No children can ride on the back
  • No alcohol allowed
  • Upon presentation of valid ID and (scooter) driving license.
  • Age – from 16 years and older
  • On the full-day tour, you will have time to visit e.g. Keukenhof or another tulip attraction (note: tickets for attractions are not included in the scooter tour)

Price electric scooter tulip tour

The tulip fields scooter tour is available from 21 March to 12 May 2024. In high season the tours sell out fast so book your tour in time!

The price of the electric scooter tour depends on the tour chosen.

Electric scooter toursPrice
2-hour morning tour (10.30am – 12.30pm)€ 32.50Book now
3-hour afternoon tour (2pm-5pm)€ 37.50Book now
Full day tour (10.30am – 5pm)€ 59.00Book now

Start location 10 kilometres from Keukenhof

The scooter tour starts at about 10 kilometres from Keukenhof. The starting address is: Hotel NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijk. You can park for free at the start location and a bus stop can be found at a 2 minute walk. From the start location you drive directly along the flower fields.

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