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Keukenhof Tickets & Tours 2023

To enjoy Keukenhof Gardens you will need an entrance ticket. The tickets have a specific day and arrival time. In 2023, Keukenhof will be working with a limited capacity per day and time of entry to the park. It is therefore wise to reserve your ticket in advance. There is a delay for Keukenhof tickets. We hope to put the tickets online as soon as possible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. Keukenhof tours are already bookable for the 2023 season. Some busy days and popular time slots can be sold out quickly.

Keukenhof entrance tickets

Get your Keukenhof tickets and enjoy spring in Holland

Would you like to visit Keukenhof Gardens by car, bicycle or on foot? Then you can buy a normal Keukenhof ticket. This ticket gives you access to Keukenhof Gardens on the chosen day and time slot. The time slot you choose is the time you can enter the flower park. You can stay at Keukenhof for as long as you like on that day.

Price of Keukenhof ticket and parking

The price of a Keukenhof ticket depends on the age of the visitor. Visiting Keukenhof by car? Then also reserve your parking tickets for only € 6,00 per day. Would you like to travel with the Keukenhof bus? Then book a cheap combination ticket (see below). If your day and time slot are not available, this means that the Keukenhof tickets are sold out. Still want to visit Keukenhof? Take a look at the combi tickets with the Keukenhof bus or Keukenhof tours from Amsterdam because there are more days and times available.

Keukenhof ticketPrice
Adult (from 18 years)€ 19.50Book now
Kids (4-17 years)€ 9.00Book now
Kids (0-3 years)Free
Tulip Festival Card
(Keukenhof + bus from Amsterdam, Airport and Haarlem)
€ 51.00Book now
Extra options
Parking ticket€ 6.00Book now
Keukenhof Park Guide€ 5.00Book now
2,5 hours bike tour along the tulip fields
(including rental bikes + visit to a tulip farm)
€ 42.50Book now
Keukenhof 45 minutes boat tour along the tulip fields€ 10.00Not yet available
Keukenhof ticket + bus transport from AmsterdamPrice
Keukenhof shuttle bus from Amsterdam€ 42.50Book now
Keukenhof shuttle bus from Amsterdam + windmill cruise€ 52.50Book now
Keukenhof full day tour + windmill cruise & tulip farm visit€ 84.50Book now

Tip: The Tulip Festival Card is a combined ticket for all the tickets you need to enjoy the tulip fields near Amsterdam to the full. (Includes Amsterdam & Regio travel ticket (1, 2 or 3 days), admission to Keukenhof Gardens and much more). This card will save you money and time. More info Tulip Festival Card.

Check availability and book your ticket now

From 2023 onwards, Keukenhof will work with a maximum number of visitors per day and arrival time. See below which days and times are still available and book your visit now.

Tours to Keukenhof 2023 from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

Keukenhof tour from Amsterdam

With a tour to Keukenhof you can easily book transport to and access to Keukenhof. The buses are more luxurious than the public transport buses and there is often a guide who can tell you everything about the tulips in the Netherlands. Below you can see the list of our favorite tours to Keukenhof.

Keukenhof ToursFrom cityPrice
Direct transfer
+ Keukenhof 2023 ticket
+ Stay as long as you like
Amsterdam€ 42.50Book now
Direct transfer Plus
+ Keukenhof 2023 ticket
+ 1,5 hour cruise
+ windmill visit
+ Stay as long as you like
Amsterdam€ 52.50Book now
Guided Day Tour
+ Keukenhof 2023 ticket
+ 1,5 hour cruise
+ windmill visit
+ Tulip farm visit
+ 8.5 hour tour
Amsterdam€ 84.50Book now
Guided Day Tour
+ Keukenhof ticket
Rotterdam€ 99.00Not yet available
Guided Day Tour
+ Keukenhof ticket
The Hague€ 99.00Not yet available

Bus + entrance combi-ticket

Keukenhof Express bus combi tickets
The Keukenhof bus brings you quickly and cheaply to the tulips

The Keukenhof Bus is an ideal option for traveling to Keukenhof Gardens. The Keukenhof bus departs from various train stations in the Netherlands and takes you quickly and cheaply to the flower park. With your bus ticket you will get bus transportation to Keukenhof and back and access to the tulip gardens. The price of the combi-ticket is depending from the departure location. Below you can check the price per departure location.

In 2023 there is a limited capacity for the Keukenhof bus. Therefore, you need to select in advance a day and time when you want to take the Keukenhof bus. You can choose between a combination ticket (entrance Keukenhof + dayticket bus) or a Bus Day Pass only. You can decide what time you want to take the bus back. You do NOT have to make a reservation for your return trip.

Departure train stationBus Day Pass onlyBus Day Pass + Keukenhof
Amsterdam RAI (bus 852) Not known yet€ 36.00Available in January
Amsterdam Airport (bus 858) Not known yet€ 31.00Available in January
Haarlem Station (bus 850)Not known yet€ 31.00Available in January
Haarlem Station (bus 50)Not known yet€ 31.00Available in January
Leiden Station (bus 854)Not known yet€ 31.00Available in January
Noordwijk / Katwijk (bus 90)Not known yet€ 31.00Available in January

Tulip Festival Card

You can also choose for the Tulip Festival Card This card included the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket which will give you access to Keukenhof Bus 852 (Amsterdam), 858 (Airport), 850 (Haarlem) or 50 (Haarlem). Bus 854 (Leiden) and 90 (Katwijk/Noordwijk) are NOT included in this ticket. Note: You will not have to choose a timeslot for the Keukenhof buses if you travel with this ticket.

You buy the ticket for 1, 2 or 3 days and during the validity period you travel for free with bus, tram, metro, ferry and train in Amsterdam and the region. Besides Keukenhof and the tulip fields, this ticket takes you to: Zaanse Schans windmills, Amsterdam Airport, Floriade World Expo (Almere train station), Zandvoort Beach, the beautiful historical city of Haarlem and many more great locations in the Amsterdam area.

With the Tulip Festival Card you will also get a skip the line Keukenhof ticket for one day, two audio tours and 10% discount on other tickets & tours in Amsterdam and region.

Validity of public transportAdult (18+)Child (4-17)
1-day € 51.00€ 40.00Buy now
2-days€ 64.00€ 53.00Buy now
3-days€ 76.00€ 64.00Buy now

Tulip Festival Taxi Transfer

taxi transfer Keukenhof tulip fields
Taxi Transfer Keukenhof Tulip Fields

The unique Tulip Festival Taxi Transfer service is the most comfortable and stress-free way to travel from your location in Amsterdam to the Keukenhof Gardens and the tulip fields in Holland. Your private driver will pick you up from your hotel or Amsterdam airport and take you safely to the most beautiful flower fields near Amsterdam

Pick up locationPrice
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol€ 75.00Book now
Hotel in Amsterdam€ 95.00Book now

Tulip Attractions & Tulip Farms

Tulip attractions Amsterdam
Tulip attractions Amsterdam

Around Keukenhof there are several small-scale tulip attractions. These are often tulip farms that allow tulip fields and show gardens to bloom especially for visitors. These locations have tulips in bloom until 14 May.

Tulip Farm De Tulperij Tour by farmer€ 6.95Book now
Tulip Experience Amsterdam€ 9.50Available in December
Tulip Barn€ 7.50Available in February

Sightseeing the tulip fields

Bike tour tulip fields Amsterdam

If you visit Keukenhof you must go sightseeing the flower fields. Around Keukenhof Gardens there are many flower fields and it is certainly recommended to visit these flower fields and flower farms when visiting the tulip gardens. There are various options for sightseeing the flower fields. From renting a bicycle to a helicopter tour. There is a suitable tour for everyone.

Sightseeing tours from Price
Rental bike€ 11.00Available in December
Guided bike tour€ 42.50Book now
Helicopter tour€ 159.00Book now
Renault Twizy tour€ 127.00Book now
Electric scooter tour€ 29.50Book now
Boat trip at Keukenhof€ 10.00Available in February

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