Keukenhof Express bus combi tickets

Keukenhof Express Bus Arriva 852 from Amsterdam RAI Station

The Keukenhof Express bus 852 is the easiest way to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens. Read all about the prices, timetable and FAQ’s for Arriva’s bus line 852 from Amsterdam Rai station to the tulip gardens. The shuttle bus will run between Amsterdam and the tulips from 24 March to 15 May 2022.

Keukenhof bus 852 Arriva from RAI Amsterdam
Keukenhof bus 852 Arriva from RAI Amsterdam

About Keukenhof bus 852

During the tulip season from 24 March to 15 May 2022, special Keukenhof shuttle buses will run from Amsterdam RAI to Keukenhof Gardens. The shuttle runs several times an hour directly to the tulip garden and the tulip fields. There are special combi-tickets for sale with which you buy a return ticket for bus 852 and an entrance ticket for Keukenhof.

Price Keukenhof bus 852 ticket

You can buy a round trip bus ticket for Keukenhof bus 852 + a Skip the line entrance ticket for Keukenhof Gardens for € 33,50. These combi tickets are only available online. The Keukenhof bus 852 is also included in the Tulip Festival Card. In 2022 it is also possible to buy only a bus day ticket. It is required to book online in advance.

Tickets Bus 852Adult (18+)Child (4-17)
Day ticket + entrance Keukenhof€ 33.50€ 15.50
Day ticket Bus only (12+)€ 16.00€ 7.50
Tulip Festival Card 1 day€ 49.00€ 39.00
Tulip Festival Card 2 days€ 59.00€ 49.00
Tulip Festival Card 3 days€ 69.00€ 59.00

Limited capacity due to COVID19 measures

In 2022 it will be compulsory to select a time slot for the Keukenhof bus. This is the time you want to board the bus at the departure location. The time chosen is based on departure with bus 852 from Europaplein/Rai Amsterdam. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken. If you buy a combi-ticket, you don’t have to choose a time slot to enter Keukenhof. You may choose when you want to travel back. There is no need to choose a time slot. PLEASE NOTEthere is a maximum capacity per timeslot, so book your tickets in time!

Tulip Festival Card

You can also buy the Tulip Festival Card which included the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket. This ticket will give you access to Keukenhof Bus 852 (RAI Amsterdam). With this ticket you do not need to select a time slot for the Keukenhof bus. So you can take the bus you want. The Keukenhof ticket is also included in the Tulip Festival Card and you can travel with all public transport in Amsterdam (bus, train, metro, tram and ferry) and travel to the best destinations in the Amsterdam region like: Keukenhof and the tulip fields, Amsterdam Airport Express, World Expo Floriade 2022, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Zandvoort Beach, Haarlem City and much more.

Validity of public transportAdult (18+)Child (4-17)
1-day € 49.00€ 39.00Book now
2-days€ 59.00€ 49.00Book now
3-days€ 69.00€ 59.00Book now

Timetable Keukenhof bus 852 (Arriva)

The express bus is a direct transfer and will bring you in about 35 minutes to the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens. This bus line runs 6 times per hour.

How to travel to RAI Station Amsterdam

Keukenhof busses 2022

Are you staying in other parts of Amsterdam center? Then you can take the metro (M52) to metrostation Europaplein. The metro runs 12 times per hour and takes you to the Keukenhof Express departure location (bus number 852).

Metro M52 map Amsterdam Center
Metro M52 stops in Amsterdam center

With a Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket the metro is included. Please be aware that a metro ticket is NOT included in the combi tickets.

FAQ Keukenhof Bus 852 (Arriva)

Below you will find the most asked questions about the Keukenhof bus 852 (operated by Arriva).

Will the Keukenhof bus 852 operate on Flower Parade Day?

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, there will be no buses to and from Keukenhof for several hours due to road closers for the Flower Parade. If you want to travel with the Keukenhof bus please make sure to travel as early as possible.

Which tickets are valid for Keukenhof bus 852?

You can travel with the Keukenhof bus 852 with a day (round trip) ticket, Combiticket for bus 852, Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket

Can i buy a combi ticket at the bus?

No, combi tickets are only available online. Due to limited capacity, advance booking of bus rides will be compulsory in 2022. This only applies to the journey to Keukenhof. You do not need to reserve a time slot for your return journey.

Can i only buy a bus ticket?

A day ticket for only the Keukenhof bus from Amsterdam can only be booked in advance via internet. You cannot pay on the bus itself. The price for a day ticket for Keukenhof bus 852 from Amsterdam is € 16,50. You can buy your bus ticket here

Map with all Keukenhof buses

Want to know which Keukenhof bus is best for you? Take a look at the map below with all the Keukenhof buses for the tulip season 2022.

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