Flower Parade Keukenhof Amsterdam 2018

FAQ Flower Parade in Holland

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FAQ for Flower Parade

When is the flower parade in the Netherlands?

Every spring, the Flower Parade is the highlight of the tulip season. A parade of many parade floats, music corps and many flowers. The flower parade runs at a different day each year. The Flower Parade in 2025 will be held on Saturday, April 12. More information on the Flower Parade

What is the route of the Flower Parade?

The flower parade runs no less than 40 kilometers from Noordwijk Beach to the city of Haarlem. Check out the route of the Flower Parade

Do i need to buy tickets for the Flower Parade?

No, the flower parade is free to view from the roadside. However, if you want to watch the parade comfortably with facilities such as toilets and catering, you can reserve a stand. Look here for the prices of the stands.

Can i watch the Flower Parade from a grandstand?

Yes, there are various stands along the Flower Parade route for which you can reserve a stand. Check out all information on the Flower Parade grandstand tickets.

Are day trips available from Amsterdam and other cities?

There are several Flower Parade tours from Amsterdam that combine the Flower Parade with a visit to Keukenhof, for example. These tours usually include a grandstand seat. From the cities of Haarlem, Leiden and from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol), it is best to take the Keukenhof bus and enjoy the Flower Parade there in the afternoon. (Please note: at Keukenhof there are standing room only seats)

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