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Keukenhof bus from Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden, Hoofddorp, Noordwijk and Amsterdam

Keukenhof gardens are a short distance from major Dutch cities such as Amsterdam. Yet it is wise to delve into how to travel to the tulip gardens. During Keukenhof season there are special Keukenhof Express bus lines where you save money and time so you can enjoy the flowers in Holland even more.

Keukenhof bus to the Tulip Gardens

When you buy your Keukenhof tickets you also have the option to order a combi ticket. These tickets are valid for the Keukenhof bus lines (Keukenhof Express) that run specifically in spring season. With this special bus you can quickly travel to the flower garden from cities like Amsterdam. Haarlem, Leiden, Hoofddorp, Noordwijk and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Save time and money with combi ticket

Keukenhof express bus map

All the bus lines to Keukenhof Gardens

With the combi bustickets you get a great discount on your Keukenhof and bus tickets. Below you will find the prices for a return ticket with Keukenhof bus including your Skip the Line Keukenhof ticket. The price for the combi ticket depends on the location from which you travel. Below you can see the different locations from where traveling with the combi ticket is possible.

Departure locationBusPrice
(RAI Station)
852€ 32.50Buy ticket »
Schiphol Airport
858€ 27.50Buy ticket »
Central Station
50€ 27.50Buy ticket »
Central Station
854€ 27.50Buy ticket »
Central Station
859€ 27.50Buy ticket »
Noordwijk Beach90€ 27,50Buy ticket »
Kids ticket
(4-13 years)
€ 14.00Buy ticket »

FAQ about Keukenhof Bus

Although traveling with the Keukenhof bus is very easy, we still get a lot of questions about these bus lines. Below we answer the most common questions.

Where can I find the Keukenhof bus?

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Keukenhof
You can take the Keukenhof bus 858. It will take you straight to the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens. You can find bus 858 at the bus stop outside Arrivals hall 4. (next to Starbucks). Just follow the signs from Schiphol Plaza and you can’t miss it. On busy days busses will depart every 5 minutes. See timetable for bus 858

Amsterdam RAI Station to Keukenhof
From metro stop Europaplein (RAI) Amsterdam you travel directly to the Keukenhof Express (bus 852). This bus runs 8 times per hour and drops you in about 35 minutes at the main entrance of Keukenhof. See timetable for bus 852

Amsterdam to Keukenhof (Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum, Museumplein)
The combi ticket is also valid on the Airport Express Bus (bus 397), this is operated by the Connexxion bus company. You will find bus stops at several locations including the Leidseplein, the Rijksmuseum and the Museumplein in Amsterdam centre. At Station Hoofddorp you transfer over to the Keukenhof Express bus 859. Check out more info about the Airport Express Bus 397.

Leiden to Keukenhof
Keukenhof bus 854 from Leiden Central Station departs from the bus station on the town centre side of the NS-station. See timetable for bus 854

Haarlem to Keukenhof
Bus 50 from Haarlem station departs from the bus station located on the town centre side. You alight at the Nachtegaal Hotel in Lisse. Main entrance to Keukenhof is only 5 minutes walk. See timetable for bus 50

Hoofddorp to Keukenhof
The Keukenhof Express bus line 859 runs up to 8 times per hour and takes you to the main entrance of Keukenhof in about 15 minutes without stopovers. The bus leaves from the bus platform. See timetable for bus 859

Katwijk, Noordwijk to Keukenhof
Bus 90 of Arriva runs to 2 per hour. You get off at the Keukenhofdreef stop in Lisse. The main entrance is only a 5 minute walk. The walking route is indicated. Bus 90 of Arriva makes several stops.

What are the travel times for the Keukenhof bus?

The travel time of the Keukenhof Gardens depends of your starting point. Below the expected travel times per location. Take into account that the travel time on busy days can be longer.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Keukenhof (bus 858) – 30 minutes
Amsterdam RAI Station (bus 852) – 35 minutes
Hoofddorp Station (bus (859) – 15 minutes
Leiden to Keukenhof (bus 854) – 25 minutes
Haarlem to Keukenhof (bus 50) – 40 minutes
Amsterdam to Keukenhof (bus 397 and 859) – 55 – 60 minutes

What is the best bus for traveling from Amsterdam Center to Keukenhof?

From 2020 you have two options for traveling to Keukenhof with the Keukenhof express from Amsterdam. The best option is depending from your location in Amsterdam. Check out our article about the Keukenhof bus from Amsterdam to the Gardens.

Can i use my GVB ticket or I Amsterdam city card in the Keukenhof bus?

No, the GVB ticket and the I Amsterdam City Card are not valid for the Keukenhof bus.

Is the Keukenhof bus accessible to passengers in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can travel with a wheelchair.

Are there other ways to travel to Keukenhof?

yes, there are many ways to travel to Keukenhof Gardens. Check out our article about traveling to Keukenhof Gardens for more options.

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