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Holland and flowers have been connected to each other for hundreds of years. In the past, flower parades (in Dutch Bloemencorso) have been created at various towns and villages in Holland. The flower parades are a true Dutch tradition that many volunteers work for throughout the year. Most flower parades are held in August and September but the most famous Dutch flower parade runs in April.

If you want to visit a flower parade, it is wise to plan your visit well in advance. Especially the flower parade in spring is very popular Most hotels near Keukenhof and the flower fields are been fully booked and traffic to the view locations are very busy on parade day.

Below we give a short overview of the most popular flower parades that you should not miss when you are in Holland.

Keukenhof Flower Parade on April 25, 2020

Actually this parade is not called Keukenhof Flower Parade but it’s offical name is Bloemencorso Bollenstreek. Because many people combine this flower parade with a visit to Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and the Flower Parade runs along Keukenhof it is often called this way.

This Flower Parade is the highlight of spring in Holland and it’s held in April. More than one million people from all over the world enjoy the colorful flower floats. It’s the most famous Flower Parade in Holland and it’s unique because it uses spring flowers like Hyacinths, daffodils and tulips to decorate the parade floats.

Tulip Parade

Many people think that the flower parade is only made with tulips. However, a large part has been created with other spring flowers. Crocuses, daffodils and mainly hyacinths are used for making the floats. Of course tulips are also used, but they are certainly not the majority.

When will the Keukenhof Flower Parade take place in 2020?

The Flower Parade 2020 will be held on Saturday 25 April 2020 which is late in April. Most years the end of April is also the best time to see the tulip fields bloom. It will be the 73th time this Flower Parade is being held.

Combine Flower Parade with Keukenhof Gardens

One of the best points to view the Flower Parade is on the Keukenhof Boulevard in Lisse. It’s located in front of main entrance of the famous Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. You can easily combine the flower parade with Keukenhof. Keep in mind that it is always a busy day and try to come to Keukenhof as early as possible. The Flower Parade is free to visit. We advise you to buy your tickets to Keukenhof online so you can Skip the line. You can choose between the following Keukenhof tickets:

Tickets for Keukenhof Gardens 2020

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Keukenhof Skip the line Adult ticket€ 19,00Buy tickets »
Kids ticket 4-17 years€ 9.00Buy tickets »
Kids up to 3 yearsFree
Parking ticket one day€ 6,00Buy tickets »
Bus (return ticket) + Keukenhof Skip the line€ 25,00Buy tickets »
Rental Bike at Keukenhof€ 19,50Buy tickets »
Keukenhof Guided Tour from Amsterdam
including a visit to a real tulip farm
€ 69,00Buy tickets »

Helicopter view on the Flower Parade

helikopter flight flower fields
Helicopter sightseeing flights available on Saturday April 25 and Sunday April 26

Want to have a unique view on the Flower Parade? Then check out the helicopter sightseeing tours that are available in April. You will fly from a location near Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and get a birds eye view on the flowers fields, the Flower Parade and the Dutch beach and dunes.  Check out more about the helicopter flights here »

Viewing the Bloemencorso from a covered stand

Want to watch the Flowerparade 2020 on a covered seat? There are three Grandstands available to watch the event. There is a stand in Lisse, Hillegom and one in Sassenheim. The Grandstands covers a lot of extra’s such as parking closeby, sanitairy facilities and excellent catering. A speaker will provide the stands with commentary as the Flower Parade passes.

The price for a Grandstand is € 24,50 per person. A parking ticket can be purchased for an extra of € 4,50 per car. Be on time for parking, as the town of Lisse is because of the traffic not easily accessible. You will recieve in advance a good, alternative route description.

On top of visiting the Flower Parade, there is an offer for some extra activities to experience more about the region and its rich culture of bulb breeding.


You can take a look at the making of of the flower parade and on Friday evening you have the chance to see the unique illuminated version of the flower parade. Check out our event calendar for the side events and more information like the route of the Keukenhof Flower Parade.

More about the Keukenhof Flower Parade

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Flower Parades in August and September

Many flower parades are held in Holland in August and September. Summer Flower Parades use different flowers than the Keukenhof Flower Parade. Primarily Dahlias are used to build up the gigantic flower floats. Below is a brief overview of the flower parades that you should have seen.



  • Zundert Bloemencorso
  • Beltrum Bloemencorso
  • Floraliacorso Frederiksoord
  • Lichtenvoorde Bloemencorso
  • Valkenswaard Bloemencorso
  • Voorthuizen Bloemencorso
  • Gondelvaart op wielen
  • Winkel Bloemencorso

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