Summer flowers Keukenhof

Summer flowers in Holland – activities, tours and events

Holland is famous for its colorful flowers. Most famous flower is of course the beautiful tulip. Every spring millions of tulips start to bloom in the Bollenstreek area. But did you know that Holland also has colorful summer flowers? Come check out the summer flowers in the Bollenstreek starting from the beginning of August till the end of October during the Dahlia Festival.

Flower Tours in summer

From August to October it is time for the summer flowers during the Dahlia Festival. There are several show gardens to visit and you can follow a cycle route. There are also various fun tours that can be booked, for example with an electric scooter, Renault Twizy Tour and even with a private TukTuk tour.

Discover the summer flowers with a bike, FunScooter, TukTuk or Renault Twizy

All tours start from a location near Keukenhof Castle Gardens. You can park your car for free or take public transport from Amsterdam (tickets available when you book your tour).

Highlights of the Flower Tours

  • Visit a flower bulb nursery
  • Admire the Keukenhof castle gardens
  • Enjoy the beautiful beach
  • Drive through the beautiful dune area
  • Learn all about dahlias and cannas.

How to travel to the start location of a Flower Tour

If you are staying in Amsterdam or one of the other cities in Holland you will have to travel to the start location of the Flower Tour. Traveling in Holland is easy but you will make a choice to rent a car or travel with public transport. During the summer periode there are no direct tours from Amsterdam to the Bollenstreek area.

Starting location

Depending on which Flower Tour you prefer you will start from different locations. This is because all tours are operated by different companies.

Travel by car

One of the fastest ways to travel from Amsterdam to the Bollenstreek is by car. Roads are very easy to drive and there are lots of parking places.

Travel by public transport

Public transport is depending on the location of your hotel. You can check the best route at With some tours you will be able to book your public transport ticket together with the booking of your tour.

Prices Flower Tours during summer season

Below you will see the prices for the Flower Tours. There are various highlights during the tour. Please be aware that not all locations are open 7 days a week.

Flower ToursPrice
Cycle route
– Tulip farm open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Freemore info
Rent a bike from
€ 15,00
more info
Electric FunScooter€ 39,95more info
Renault Twizy GPS Tour
– available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
– max. 2 persons
€ 85,00more info
TukTuk Private Tour
– max. 6 persons
€ 195,00more info