How to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens?

Keukenhof Gardens is located in the south-west of Amsterdam in Holland. The area is called ‘Bollenstreek‘. It’s only a 24 miles (40 km) drive from the city centre of Amsterdam

Keukenhof is also close to Dutch cities like: Haarlem, The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Gouda and Utrecht. There are different ways to get to the flower park. Below we will describe the most populair options.

Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Express Bus (Public Transport)

The most popular option is to take the special public transport bus to the park. This Keukenhof Bus brings you quickly and cheaply to the flower park. With the special combi ticket you save a lot of money on your transport and access to the park. A combi ticket from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Haarlem, Hoofddorp or Leiden will cost you only € 25,00 (including Keukenhof ticket). A combi ticket from Amsterdam will cost you € 30,00. Kids are just € 13,50. Check out are article about the Keukenhof Bus for more information.

Amsterdam to Keukenhof by car

An other popular way of traveling to Keukenhof is by car. The flower park is easily accessible by car from Amsterdam and many large cities in the Netherlands. Located between Amsterdam and The Hague and it is easily reached via the A4 (exit Nieuw-Vennep) and the A44 (exit 3 Lisse). Follow the signs ‘Keukenhof’. At the entrance you will find a large parking lot where you can park your car for only € 6.00 a day. Order your parking ticket online together with you entrance ticket to avoid waiting lines. If you do not have a car, it is also an option to rent a car at, for example, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Rental cars are available for around € 45,00 a day. Check out the best deals for a rental car here.

Navigation address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse

Amsterdam to Keukenhof with a (guided) tour

Do you want to enjoy the flowers in Holland in a luxurious way? Then book a (guided) tour from Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam. From the starting point you travel by luxury touring bus directly to the flower park. Often there is also a guide who can tell you a lot about the flowers of Holland. Some tours even combine Keukenhof with other great attractions in the Netherlands, which also saves you money.

Amsterdam to Keukenhof with a taxi

The most luxurious option is to go to the flower park by taxi. So you do not have to wait for other travelers and you can quickly get to your destination. A taxi is the most expensive option. A taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof can cost 100 euros for a single journey.

Walking or biking to Keukenhof Gardens

Our favorite way to go to the flower park is biking or walking. On the way you will then optimally enjoy the flower fields. For this you obviously need to stay in a hotel or bed & breakfast nearby. An additional advantage is that you can visit the park in the early morning or late afternoon if it is still quiet and you can make the most beautiful photos. Check out out list of hotels near Keukenhof.

Check our flower map to see some recommend hotels nearby Keukenhof and the Bollenstreek. The flower map will be updated with the blooming of the fields from March 2019. Subscribe to our free Flower Forecasts to stay up to date.

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