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Coronavirus update for Tulip Season 2021 in Amsterdam and Holland

Due to the coronavirus, the Tulip Festival Amsterdam could unfortunately not take place in 2020. Preparations for the 2021 edition are now in full swing. Of course it is not known what the status of the virus will be in the spring of 2021, but the activities will be set up in such a way that a visit to the tulips of Holland in 2021 will be amazing and safe. On this page we will keep you informed of the developments and adjustments for the tulip season 2021 so that you can prepare your visit as well as possible.

Last update: Monday, September 14, 2020

One of the biggest changes is that a ticket for Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is no longer valid for any given day during the tulip season. If you want to visit Keukenhof, it is necessary to choose a specific day and time slot of arrival at the flower park. The tickets are available online here from October/November.

Current state of the corona virus in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is open. Restaurants, attractions, museums and tours are all open. Of course, additional measures apply, such as booking your visit in advance at various activities. In the Netherlands, people must always keep a distance of 1.5 meters and that face masks are only mandatory in public transport and at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

In 2020 no one has been able to visit the Tulip Festival because of coronavirus. Many digital tours have been made to allow everyone to enjoy the flowers. View the overview here: Digital Tulip Tours

Follow the general hygiene regulations in Holland

  • If you have a cold or your throat complaints, stay at home and get tested for the coronavirus.
  • Social distancing: Always keep 1.5 meters between you and other people.
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow;
  • Use paper tissues;
  • Avoid contact with people with respiratory complaints (cough, cold, etc.);
  • Prefer to greet each other verbally.

FAQ’s about coronavirus and the Tulip Festival in 2021

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the corona virus and the impact on tulip season 2021. All information is based on the current situation. This situation may change as a result of developments surrounding the coronavirus. Keep an eye on this page for the latest information and subscribe to our newsletter for free.

Will Keukenhof Gardens be open in 2021?

Yes, Keukenhof Gardens wil open in 2021. The tulip park has taken various measures to comply with the guidelines of the Dutch government. Keukenhof will open on Saturday 20 March until Sunday 9 May 2021.

What measures have been taken in Keukenhof in connection with coronavirus

Keukenhof is spacious and for the most part outside. Social distancing is therefore easy to handle within the park. To avoid crowds at the entrance, entrance tickets are only for sale with a specific date and time slot for arrival at Keukenhof. The number of visitors per day is maximized. If you want to visit Keukenhof on a certain day, you must reserve your ticket on time. Tickets will be available from October/November 2020. More info about Keukenhof tickets.

Will the Keukenhof Express Bus run in 2021?

Yes, the Keukenhof shuttle bus will also run during Tulip Festival 2021. A face mask will have to be worn on the bus. The way of ticket sales is currently being considered so that the buses cannot get too busy.

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask in Keukenhof?

No, face masks are not required, face masks are only required in public transport including the Keukenhof Express Bus and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is allowed to wear a face mask in Keukenhof if you wish.

Are tulip sightseeing tours available in 2021?

The tulip sightseeing tours are small-scale and mostly in the open air. These tours will therefore certainly continue. For helicopter sightseeing flights, it is mandatory to wear a face mask in the helicopter.

Will the Flower Parade be held in 2021?

In principle, the Flower Parade will continue to run on April 17 2021. Currently, it is being examined which adjustments are necessary to properly streamline the flow of visitors. At the end of January / beginning of February 2021 more information will be available here about possible adjustments related to corona.

Are grandstand seats available at the Flower Parade?

It is currently being examined whether and how the grandstand seats at the Flower Parade can be set up. We do not expect to have more information about this until the beginning of 2021, as this strongly depends on the status of the coronavirus in the world.

Is it allowed to fly to Amsterdam during the Tulip Festival?

Whether you are allowed to fly to Amsterdam strongly depends on the country of origin and the status of the coronavirus on the day you want to fly. At the moment we cannot give a simple answer to this. We recommend that you consult and inform the airlines of information sources in your own country.

More information about the coronavirus

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