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About us

Hi there, great to have you on our website. My name is Marco van der Lingen and i am the founder of this website. I live in the flower town Lisse in the Amsterdam region.

Lisse is the centre of the region ‘Bollenstreek‘ which is world famous for the beautiful flower fields that bloom every spring. (but the bulbfarmers are working hard all year to get the flower fields blooming ).

And we love tulips, the national symbol of Holland. Every year millions of people are amazed about the bright colors of the flower fields around Amsterdam. They visit the beautiful Tulip Park Keukenhof and enjoy tours at local bulbfarmers or they discover the tulipstory on there own with a hiking or a biking route.

Tulips Festival Amsterdam is a website dedicated to all the tulip activities in Holland. Not only in our ‘Bollenstreek’ region but also in the other Dutch flower regions. We blog about activities in Amsterdam as well as must see’s in the region around Amsterdam. There are more Tulip Festivals in Holland and we tip you about when and how to travel to the best tulip locations and we have a calendar where you can check if there are any tulip activities when you are in The Netherlands.

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It’s time to color your world. See you in Holland!

Tulip Festival Amsterdam