Amsterdam City Card

Should you buy a tourist city card in Amsterdam?

When you visit Amsterdam you should think about getting an Amsterdam city card or city pass. As in many cities, Amsterdam has a number of options if you would like to travel with a tourist card. Below we compare the options and tell you when which Amsterdam card or pass is best for your needs.

All the tourist cards below will safe you a lot of money but each card has different options and validity. So it’s worth to compare them and check out which one is best for your journey to Amsterdam and Holland.

Amsterdam City Card, Amsterdam Pass, Holland Pass, Amsterdam City Pass

There are four different Amsterdam cards and passes available in the market which is a lot. Each card and pass has it’s own value and rules. it’s very time consuming to compare the cards and passes and we did get a lot of questions about which pass is best for visiting Keukenhof Gardens and other flower attractions in Amsterdam and Holland.

The different types of tourist cards in Amsterdam

  • All-in Tourist Cards: With an all inclusive Amsterdam card you will get free access to a great number of museums and attractions. Also there will be a form of transport available to travel across Amsterdam. You can buy them for one or more days.
  • Pick your own Pass: With the pick your own pass you can choose between a large number of attractions and museums. You will not get access to all but hey how much museums can you visit in one day? The pass is valid for one month and you can choose how much museums and attractions you would like to visit.
  • Preset Pass: This product give you access to the most wanted museum(s) and attractions.

All Amsterdam cards and passes will give you discounts

I amsterdam City Card (all-in tourist card)

The I amsterdam City Card is the most populair City Card in Amsterdam. The card gives a lot of value with more free entrances to museums and attractions than you probably can visit. You also get unlimited rides on the GVB (public transport) buses, trams and metros for the period of time you purchased.

  • Entry to 50 museums and attractions
  • Free canal cruise
  • Public transport (buses, trams and metros) in Amsterdam (no trains)
  • 25% discounts on restaurants, attractions and more
  • Pick-up your City Card at various locations.

Prices i amsterdam City Card

Check out this short video of the I amsterdam City Card

Amsterdam Pass (all-in tourist card)

The Amsterdam Pass is a great all-in card for Amsterdam if you like to visit museums and attractions. You will get free entry to more than 30 locations in and around Amsterdam. With the Amsterdam Pass you can travel across Amsterdam with the Hop on Hop off busses and boats. The Amsterdam Pass

  • Free entry to 30 museums and attractions
  • Free Hop on Hop Off bus and boat (cruise) tour
  • 10% discounts on attractions, tours and more
  • You can use the Amsterdam Pass instantly 

Prices Amsterdam Pass

Holland Pass (pick your own card)

With the Holland Pass you will not have unlimited acces to all museums and attractions but you will have to choose which museums and attractions you want to visit. The advantage of this card is that you have the largest choice of attractions. Keukenhof Gardens, for example, is an GOLD option. This makes the Holland Pass very interesting if you want to visit the tulip garden in the Spring.

The Holland Pass comes in three different options: Small, Medium and Large. Every options gives free access to a certain number of attractions.

  • Choose from more than 100 museums and attractions
  • Not only Amsterdam but also in other parts of Holland
  • Includes an unlimited discount card
  • You can use the Amsterdam Pass instantly 

Prices Holland Pass

The Holland Pass is valid for one month after activation of the card.

The Holland Pass is the best options if you also want to visit attractions outside the City of Amsterdam like Keukenhof Gardens

Amsterdam City Pass (Preset card)

The Amsterdam City Pass is a great option for those who wish to enjoy all of Amsterdam’s highlights, without the inconvenience of booking several tickets and having to collect the card. The City Pass allows you to have everything organized before your departure, so you can get the most out of your trip! You don´t have to exchange or pick-up your City Pass on arrival.

  • Entry to Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum
  • Included 1-hour Canal Cruise
  • Free Airport train transfer (return ticket)
  • 20% discounts on attractions, tours and more
  • You can use the Amsterdam City Pass instantly, no need for picking up your card 

The Amsterdam City Pass does not include public transportation in the city, but you can easily buy the GVB Card (€ 7,50) on trams and in hotels

Once you have made your booking, you will be provided with a discount code. With this code you can get a 20% discount on your bookings for Amsterdam’s other top museums and attractions. This discount is only available for bookings with Ticketbar.

The museum and canal cruise tickets that are included in the City Pass are valid for 1 year

Prices Amsterdam City Pass

Compare the different city cards and passes

Below we compare the city cards and passes.

First we will start with the top 25 museums and attractions in Amsterdam. + means that it’s included in the tourist pass. means it’s not included in the card. For the Holland Pass we show if a location is Gold or Silver.

TOP 25 in Amsterdam Value I Amsterdam City Card Amsterdam Pass Holland Pass Amsterdam City Pass
Rijksmuseum € 17,50 + + Gold Choose
Van Gogh Museum € 18,00 + 2 x Silver Choose
Stedelijk Museum € 17,50 + + Gold 20% discount
Anne Frank Huis € 10,00
Amsterdam Tulip Museum € 5,00 + +
Heineken Experience € 21,00 25% discount + Gold 20% discount
Canal Cruise € 17,00 + + Silver 20% discount
Nemo Science Museum € 16,50 +   Gold 20% discount
This is Holland € 16,50 + 20% discount
A’DAM Lookout € 13,50 25% discount + 20% discount
Public Transport GVB € 7,50 +  
Airport Train Ticket € 14,50 +
Hermitage Amsterdam € 25,00 20% discount
Hop On Hop Off bus / boat € 26,00 + Gold 20% discount
Artis Zoo € 23,00 + 10% discount Gold
Madame Tussaud € 23,50 25% discount 10% discount Gold 20% discount
Ripley believe it or not € 21,00 10% discount
The Amsterdam Dungeon € 23,00 25% discount 10% discount Gold 20% discount
Body Worlds € 20,00 Silver 20% discount
Amsterdam IceBar € 21,95 25% discount   Gold 20% discount
Red Light Walking Tour € 20,00   + 20% korting  
Johan Cruiff Arena Tour € 16,50 + + Silver 20% discount
Bike Rental Amsterdam € 8,00 25% discount 25% discount Silver  
House of Bols € 16,00 25% discount + Silver 20% discount
National Maritime Museum € 16,00 + + Silver 20% discount

If you want to see more of Holland you can travel outside the city. In 30 minutes you will be in the countryside of Amsterdam and you can enjoy great museums and attractions like cheese farms and windmills. Of course, the flower fields are a must see in the spring. With Keukenhof Gardens as main attraction. As you can see below Keukenhof Gardens is available on the Holland Pass (Gold) and Amsterdam City Pass (20% discount).

TOP 10 in Holland Value I Amsterdam City Card Amsterdam Pass Holland Pass Amsterdam City Pass
Keukenhof Gardens € 18,00 Gold 20% discount
Zaanse Schans Card € 15,00 + +
Volendam Marken Express € 11,50 + Gold
Out of town tours   20% discount 20% discount
Madurodam € 16,50 Gold 20% discount
Zuiderzee Museum € 16,00 + Gold
Frans Hals Museum € 15,00 + Gold
Castle Muiderslot € 15,50 + + Gold
Dinner Train € 39,00 € 10,00 discount
Kinderdijk € 8,00 Silver

Which City Card do you need if you want to visit Keukenhof Gardens?

Unfortunately Keukenhof is not included in the all-in tourist cards. A Holland Pass is interesting because it’s included as a Gold credit, but the Amsterdam City Pass can also offer a lot of benefit if you want to visit Keukenhof. With the discount from the Amsterdam City Pass you will not pay € 18,00 for your Keukenhof ticket but just € 14,40. Both Holland Pass and Amsterdam City Pass give 20% discount on tours to Keukenhof.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum is included in the all-in tourist cards but with an entrance fee of just € 5,00 you will save not that much money on a visit.

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