The meaning of tulip colors

The meaning of tulip colors in Holland

Tulips are available in many different colors and shapes. The Tulip is seen by many as the symbol of a declaration of love. This was already the case in Persia and it’s still this days. Every color tulip has a deeper meaning again.

The Tulip is the most famous flower from Holland and often used as the icon of the Netherlands. For more than 400 years the tulip has been connected to Holland. Officially, the tulip is a wild flower from Persia. In the 16th century the tulip came to the Netherlands via Turkey. The name Tulip (Tulipan) is also a derivative of the turban which was then often worn by Turkish men. 

Red Tulips (love & romance)

Red tulips Keukenhof Holland
Red tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Holland

The red tulip is the most romantic of all colors of tulips. In addition to roses, the red tulip is the most popular flower to a loved one. A red tulip symbolizes love. You often give red tulips with a romantic message.

Pink Tulips (caring & good wishes)

Pink tulip field near Keukenhof in Holland

The pink tulip is a symbol for caring and good wishes. It’s perfect for a gift for friends or family. 

White Tulips (purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect)

White tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Holland

The white tulip is a symbol for respect. White tulips are perfect for a gift at a wedding or if you want to make something good with someone.

Purple Tulips (Royal & Rebirth)

Purple tulip field near Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

A purple tulip is perfect if you wish someone a great new start. You will find purple tulips in bridag bouquets. 

Yellow Tulips (Brightness, Sunshine and the start of spring)

Yellow tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

The yellow tulips are a perfect gift if you wish someone some happiness. There are often given during the start of spring and during easter

Tulips are often given in a color mixed bouquet. Due to the positive meaning of the colors of the tulips, there is no wrong choice =)

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