indoor tulip shows Keukenhof

Indoor Flower shows at Keukenhof Tulip Garden

Not all the flowers at Keukenhof are outside: the pavilions are also packed with flowering bulbs, cut flowers and pot plants. Every year the inside flower shows at Keukenhof Gardens give visitor a unique view on the diversity of flowers.

As many as 500 growers present their prize blooms for leading flower arrangers to use in their unique shows.  At the Orange Nassau Pavilion you can enjoy colorful floral displays that change every week. The Willem-Alexander Pavilion shows many thousands of tulips and during the last 12 days of the season it is home to the world’s largest lily show, a true spectacle. The Beatrix Pavilion gives you the chance to enjoy a mass of orchids and anthuriums for eight weeks.

The inside flower shows give you a guaranteed amount of blooming flowers.

Dates Flower shows

All information is still subject to change. We expect to be able to publish the final information here at the end of January 2021.

The following flower shows are scheduled for the 2021 season:

Flower shows at Beatrix Pavilion

  • 20 March – 9 May: Anthurium show
  • 20 March – 9 May: Orchid show

Flower shows at Oranje Nassau pavilion

  • 20 March – 30 March: Tulip and Hyacinth show
  • 1 April – 6 April: Freesia and Gerberashow
  • 8 April – 13 april: Rose show
  • 15 April – 19 April: Daffodil and Special Bulbs show
  • 21 April – 26 April: Alstroemeria show
  • 28 April – 3 May: Chrysantheum and Callashow
  • 30 April – 9 May: Lily show
  • 5 May – 9 May: Carnation and summer flower show

Flower shows at Willem-Alexander Pavilion

  • 20 March – 9 May: Amaryllis show
  • 20 March – 9 May: Potted Bulb show
  • 20 March – 9 May: Potted Plant show

Flower arranging demonstrations

At the Oranje Nassau Pavilion our flower arrangers provide spectacular daily flower arranging demonstrations. They reveal how to flowers can be used to make everything from simple bouquets to unexpected creations.

Tickets for Keukenhof Gardens 2021

Keukenhof Gardens will work with a maximum number of visitors per day in 2021. When booking your tickets, you must select a day and time slot for entering the park. Individual tickets will go on sale in November 2020.

Skip the line Adult ticket
€ 19.00Buy tickets »
Kids ticket
(4-17 years)
€ 9.00Buy tickets »
(up to 3 years)
Parking ticket€ 6.00Buy tickets »
Bus (return ticket)
+ Keukenhof Skip the line
€ 29.50Buy tickets »
Rental Bike€ 19.50Buy tickets »
Keukenhof Guided Tour
+ visit to a tulip farm
€ 69.00Buy tickets »

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