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Where and when will Dutch tulips bloom? Find out in our flower forecast


Welcome to the Tulip Festival Amsterdam’s flower forecast for 2024. Only a few weeks to go until the start of Tulip Festival 2024 and the many millions of tulip bulbs are ready to celebrate spring! In 2024, the Keukenhof Gardens will celebrate its 75th anniversary and it promises to be a grand celebration. From the beginning of March, we will post a Flower Forecast here every week with up-to-date photos of the flowering of the tulip fields and other spring flowers. We will also share the Flower Forecast on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

21 February  | One month to the start of Tulip Festival 2024

The mild winter in the Netherlands means that flower bulbs are already looking forward to spring. In several flower fields, we can already see the first green stems cautiously appearing. There are even some early daffodil fields and crocuses already in bloom. These daffodil fields were planted very early with a daffodil variety known for its early flowering. So this does not say much about the rest of the flower fields yet. If the mild weather continues for the next four weeks, we expect a colourful start of Tulip Festival 2024. From next week, we will start our weekly update and will also update the Flower Map weekly. We will provide an update on the blooms on 29 February. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Check out the flowering on the Flower Map

The flower map below shows what the flower fields currently look like and where they are located. We will update the Flower Map every week with current photos of the blooms in the flower fields.

Expect flowering for spring 2024

Due to the higher than average temperature in February, the flowering of the flower fields is about 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the average flowering. This means we are expecting a colourful start to Tulip Festival 2024. Of course, the weather over the next 3 weeks will determine the speed of flowering. Higher than average temperatures have again been predicted for next week.

FlowersAverage floweringExpected flowering 2024*
Daffodil fieldsmid-March to mid-April early March to mid-April
Hyacints fieldsend March to end Aprilmid-March to end April
Tulips fieldsmid-April to early May early April to early May
Tulip Experience
De Tulperij
21 March to 12 May21 March to 12 May
Tulip Barn29 March to 12 May29 March to 12 May

*We try to predict the flowering of the flowers as well as possible. However, the bloom continues to be influenced by nature. Due to weather conditions the flowering process can be different than what we expect.

The blooming of the flowers at Keukenhof Gardens and other tulip show gardens is different from the blooming of the production flower fields. The flowers at the flower gardens have been specifically chosen to ensure that blooming flowers can be seen from the opening (21 March) to the closure (12 May) of the park. Also, the tulips are not headed so the tulips can be admired much longer in Keukenhof than on the flower fields around the park. Keep in mind that even in show gardens, weather is an important factor and no guarantees can be made about the flowers blooming.

Weather forecast

Below is the current weather in Holland. During the Tulip Festival, we will also provide tips on activities to suit the weather conditions.

Book your visit to one or more of the tulip show gardens

The flower fields are for the production of flower bulbs. It is therefore forbidden to take photos in the flower fields. However, there are several tulip attractions where it is possible to take great photos among the tulips. To visit a tulip attraction, you will need a ticket. Popular show gardens like the Keukenhof Gardens often sell out. We therefore recommend booking your visit in advance and buying your ticket on time!

Tulip attractions / show gardensPrice
Keukenhof Gardens€ 20.00Book your visit
Tulip Experience Amsterdam€ 11.00Book your visit
The Tulip Barn€ 8.50Book your visit
Tulip farm De Tulperij (guided tour)€ 7.95Book your visit

Sightseeing tours along the tulip fields

There are great sightseeing tours to book during the Tulip Festival. There are tours from Amsterdam and there are local tours with fun vehicles such as a Renault Twizy, Land Rover, Helicopter or the archetypal Dutch bicycle. Take note! Booking is compulsory and there is limited capacity.

Sightseeing toursStart location from Price
Sightseeing ToursAmsterdam€ 42.50See all tours
Rental bike KeukenhofKeukenhof€ 11.00Book now
Guided bike tourNear Keukenhof€ 45.00Book now
Helicopter tourNear Keukenhof€ 159.00Book now
Renault Twizy tourNear Keukenhof€ 127.00Book now
Land Rover Tulip SafariNear Keukenhof€ 65.00Book now
Electric scooter tourNear Keukenhof€ 39.00Book now
Boat trip at KeukenhofKeukenhof€ 10.00Tickets near mill in Keukenhof

10 January 2024 | All tulip bulbs have been planted

10 January 2024 | Many millions of flower bulbs have been planted and are now hibernating. The flower bulbs in the flower fields are protected from possible frosts by a layer of straw. The past three months have seen a lot of rain in the Netherlands but we do not expect this to cause many problems for the flowers in spring. Many flower fields around Keukenhof have a sandy soil, making it easier for the water to drain away. We will give an update on flowering at the end of January. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

5 October 2023 | Start of planting the tulip bulbs at Keukenhof Gardens

Photo by Keukenhof Gardens

5 October 2023 | An important day. This is because from that day, planting of the millions of bulbs for the 2024 tulip season began. Until the end of the year, dozens of gardeners in Keukenhof Gardens and tulip growers are busy planting tulip bulbs and other spring flowers for a colourful spring. We can’t wait to admire the colourful landscape during Tulip Festival 2024.

How was the flowering of tulips in previous years?

Although every flowering season is different, it can sometimes help to look at spring years to see when which flowers were in bloom in Holland. To do this, check out our archive of previous years’ bloom reports.

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