Flower Forecast – 10 May 2022 – The final days

The final days for the flowering tulips in 2022 have arrived. If you still want to enjoy the tulips, we advise you to plan your visit this week. Most flowering tulips can be admired in Keukenhof Gardens. The flower park is open till Sunday 15 May 7:30 pm. The tulips in the tulip fields have been removed by the farmers. The farmers remove the flowers from the tulip fields in order to return the energy to the bulb. These bulbs can then grow into the best quality tulip bulbs. This new harvest of tulip bulbs can already be ordered here. They will be delivered in October. Just in time for the planting season. 

Current state of the tulip fields in Holland

Most of the tulip fields intended for growing the best quality tulip bulbs have now been headed. In this process, the farmer removes the flower from the stem so that the energy can go back into the tulip bulb. There are still some tulip fields blooming in some places but they can be cut down at any moment.

The tulips at the tulip attractions are not cut, so they are still in bloom. So would you like to enjoy the tulips in bloom in Holland in 2022? Then plan your visit soon: Keukenhof Gardens, Tulip Experience Amsterdam or Tulipfarm De Tulperij.

You can already order the fresh 2022 tulip bulbs. Now that the tulip flower has been cut, the tulip bulb will continue to grow. The first tulip bulbs will be harvested in June. From September, the bulbs are packed and shipped all over the world in October. Just in time for planting in October to December. Order the best quality Dutch tulip bulbs here.

Current blooming at Keukenhof Gardens

In the last days of the tulip season, the tulips in Keukenhof are still in bloom. These are the last days it is still possible to enjoy the Dutch tulips. Sunday 15 May is the last day and then the flower park will close its doors again until the end of March 2023.

Book your tickets in advance!
Individual tickets for Keukenhof Gardens are often sold out for the populair time slots. There are no tickets available at the box office. If you still need to buy Keukenhof tickets, you can look for the early or late time slots. Another option is to book a tour from Amsterdam or look for the Keukenhof bus combi ticket. The following tours still have availability the coming days:

If you want to enjoy the Keukenhof cruise during your visit, we advise you to book the cruise in advance. There is only a limited capacity. The Keukenhof cruise starts from the flower park and so you must also have a Keukenhof ticket to go on the cruise. 

Visit one of the smaller tulip attractions

Near Keukenhof Gardens there are also several other tulip attractions that are definitely worth a visit. Tickets are often still available for these small-scale attractions. The attractions are less easily accessible by public transport, but are situated along the flower cycle route.

Weather forecast Holland

The weather forecast for this week is good. The sun will shine a lot again. Until the closing day on 15 May, it will be lovely spring weather.

Flower Forecast 2022*

We expect the following blooming periods for the flower fields:

  • Crocus – All of the crocuses have finished flowering.
  • Daffoldils – Most daffoldils fields have finished flowering.
  • Hyacints – Most hyacint flower fields have finished flowering.
  • Tulips – Tulips at the tulip attractions are still in bloom. The cutting of the flowers on the tulip fields is almost done. **

*We try to predict the flowering of the flowers as well as possible. However, the bloom continues to be influenced by nature. Due to weather conditions the flowering process can be different than what we expect.

**The above forecast applies to the flower fields. The flowering at Keukenhof and in the other show gardens will be the whole season. When planting, early and late blooming flowers were taken into account. Also, the flowers are not headed.

Flower Map 2022

Check the flower map below to see how the flower fields are currently blooming and where the tulip attractions are located. We update the flower map weekly.

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