flower attractions when Keukenhof is closed

How to see the flowers in Holland when Keukenhof is closed? Check out our top 7!

Every week we get questions from visitors if there are still flowers to be seen somewhere in the Netherlands. Most of the time the answer is yes. During summer and the other seasons there is so much to see including flowers.

Keukenhof Gardens is a must visit if you are in Holland during openings season but as soon as the flower park closes mid May, it is more difficult to find the flowers of Holland. With our top 7 tips you will have the change to see and learn more of the famous flowers of Holland. Visit the Flower Experience center, a museum, attraction and yes Keukenhof Castle Gardens to enjoy the flowers during summer.

Top 7 ‘Flower’ destinations during summer in Holland

1. Keukenhof Castle Gardens

Dahlia Summer Garden at Keukenhof Castle Gardens

Keukenhof Flower Garden is only open in the spring but Keukenhof is part of a much larger area. Keukenhof Castle Gardens are open all year and is definitely worth a visit. Of course, the millions of flowering tulips are missing, but the surroundings are beautiful and there are many summer flowers such as Dahlias. There is also a petting zoo and a modern museum. The best thing is that the Estate is free to visit and is open all year.

If you stay in Amsterdam you even can book a tour to Keukenhof Castle during the summer months and enjoy the summer flowers.

Flower Tour during summer in Holland

With a Flower Tour you can enjoy the beautiful Bollenstreek (flower region) of Holland. You can choose different vehicles to ride a route.

All tours start near Keukenhof Castle Gardens. You will have to travel by public transport from Amsterdam to the departure location. Return tickets for public transport from Amsterdam are available when you book a Flower Tour.

2. Experience the flowers at Experience center FloriWorld

Flower Attractions
Experience center FloriWorld near Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a relaxing day out away from the crowds of Amsterdam, put the petal to the metal and discover the newest attraction to bloom in Aalsmeer – the so-called ‘flower village’ of Holland.

Located beside the world’s largest flower auction house, FloriWorld is what happens when botanical gardens and immersive art installations collide, and the results are spectacular.

From virtual floral art to the richly perfumed real deal, a flower-powered feast for the senses awaits!

Check out more information about Flower Experience Center FloriWorld

3. Experience Holland at it’s best with a ‘This is Holland’ flight

In the center of Amsterdam City you will find the great attraction ‘This is Holland’. Experience a unique flying 5D experience, soaring over the Dutch must‐see locations. Fly like a bird and marvel at the diversity, beauty and richness of the Netherlands. Don’t forget to breathe, you’re in good hands! And yes you will see and smell the blooming flower fields. Buy your ticket online.

  • Open all year
  • Great location in the center of Amsterdam
  • Great with kids
  • Indoor so also great when it’s raining
  • You will get a free souvenir photo when you order online
  • Great attraction to visit when you don’t have much time in Amsterdam (and also if you have plenty of time =)
Buy your ticket online

4. Visit tropical garden ‘De Orchideeën Hoeve’

Explore a unique floral attraction that puts you right beneath more than 2,000 stunning flowers! Elsewhere at De Orchideeën Hoeve, admire the exotic birds, enjoy live shows in a woodland setting – or go back to the roots of De Orchideeën Hoeve and check out the orchids.

  • Open all year
  • Great with kids
  • About one our driving from the center of Amsterdam
  • Indoor so also great when it’s raining
  • Buy your tickets online
Buy your tickets online

5. Botanical Gardens

6. visit a museum about the flower bulbs

There are two museums about the flower bulbs in the Netherlands. In the center of Amsterdam you will find the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and in the city of Lisse (center of the flower region) the Museum De Zwarte Tulp is located.
At the museums you learn more about the flower bulbs and the tulip in particular.null

7. Land van Fluwel

Land van Fluwel is the paradise for young and old, for bon vivants and adventurers! The best adventure you can experience on the North Holland coast in Sint Maartenszee!

In 2018, Land van Fluwel has been completely renewed and expanded. Allow yourself to surprise, enchant, and extend your day. Visit the Dutch Tulip Experience, conquer yourself on our Bare Feet Trail and get lost in the Adventure GameParadise. You strengthen the inner man in the pancake house with … pancakes, lunch and treats.

  • Great with kids
  • About one our driving from the center of Amsterdam

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