Flower forecast 19 March 2020

Flower Forecast – 19 March 2020 – Stay Safe, Stay Positive

While spring flowers begin to bloom in the Netherlands, the world is under the spell of the corona virus. The virus has terrible consequences for everyone in the world. A lot has changed since our last flower forecast. Below the current status for the tulip season 2020.

Keukenhof Gardens will not open on 21 March and Flower Parade canceled

Keukenhof Gardens will not open on the planned date for the first time in 71 years. The opening date of March 21 has been postponed to April 6. Whether the park may open afterwards is not certain.

Unfortunately, the Flower Parade, which is scheduled to run on Saturday 25 April, has also been canceled due to the corona crisis.

Current state of the flower fields in Holland

Despite the coronavirus, the flowers continue to bloom. The daffodils and hyacinth fields are already blooming. But most flower fields are still green and will bloom in the coming weeks. In order to be able to show everyone the flowers, we will post more photos in our updates from now on.

Fortunately, we can still leave our home in the Netherlands. We will continue to take photos as long as this is possible.

Weather forecast Holland

The weather in the Netherlands is also starting to get better. The temperatures are still low which is good for the flowers.

Flower Forecast 2020*

We expect the flower to bloom 1 to 2 weeks earlier than average growth. Flowering still seems to proceed like in 2019.

This means we expect the following blooming periods for the flower fields:

  • Crocus – blooming between beginning of March and end of March
  • Daffoldils – Daffoldils fields from beginning of March till the beginning of April.
  • Hyacints – Hyacint flower fields from Mid March till the end of April.
  • Tulips – We expect the first tulips to start blooming from the end of March. Peak blooming will be around Mid-April till the end of April.

*We try to predict the flowering of the flowers as well as possible. However, the bloom continues to be influenced by nature. Due to weather conditions the flowering process can be different than what we expect.

Flower Map 2020

From 5 March till 10 May 2020 we will update the Flower Map weekly. Below the update Flower Map.

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