Flower Forecast 2019 Keukenhof

January 11, 2019 – First Flower Forecast of 2019

Welcome to the first Flower Forecast of 2019. We hope you have had a good start in 2019. In Holland we are busy with the preparations for the new spring flower season and we can not wait for the beautiful colorful flower fields to blossom again.

In this first forecast you can see what the flower fields look like now and what the expectations are for the flowering of the flower fields in Holland. We also look at the upcoming (flower) events in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Current state of the flower fields

In January the flower fields are in hibernation. Millions of flower bulbs were planted in autumn and the fields are covered by a layer of chopped wheat straw. The straw is to protect the flower bulbs from damage caused by frost. The straw is a populair shelter for birds. It will take about two to three months for the flowers to start blooming.

Weather Forecast

So far we have not had any really cold weather in Holland. It has not really frozen yet. The same weather is expected until the end of January. We will keep looking at February and March because the weather in these months is important for the growth of the flower fields. 

Flower Forecast 2019

As we already wrote above the real winter temperatures have stayed away until now. For the time being, we expect the flower fields to grow according to the average growth line. Check out the average growth of the flowers.

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Flower Map 2019

From March till Mid May we will update the Flower Map weekly.

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