digital tours 2 April 2020

Digital tours – 2 April 2020 – Flower Fields and Keukenhof

April is the month of tulips in Holland. Unfortunately, this season the tulips miss the audience from all over the world. Due to the coronavirus, travel is very limited and many people have to stay at home. That is why instead of our Flower Forecast below we have a digital photo tour along the flower fields and various video tours through Keukenhof

This is our second week of publishing weekly digital tour which contains photos and videos of the blooming flower fields and virtual tours through Keukenhof Gardens. In this way we hope to bring some positivity to the world. Enjoy the beautiful colors and hopefully you can come to the Netherlands next year to enjoy the flowers.

Digital photo tour along the flower fields

Despite the coronavirus, the flowers continue to bloom. The daffodils and hyacinth fields are already blooming and also the early tulips are showing their colors. In order to be able to show everyone the flowers, we will post more photos in our updates from now on. Please follow our social channels to stay up to date: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Fortunately, we can still leave our home in the Netherlands. We will continue to take photos as long as this is possible.

Drone video of the flower fields

Made an extra video this week with a drone. Enjoy the blooming flower fields.

Virtual tours Keukenhof Gardens

Because many of you can’t visit Keukenhof Gardens this year the gardens will come to you with free virtual tours of the blooming in the tulip park. The videos will be regularly posted below. This way everyone can still enjoy the beautiful floral splendor. Please follow our social channels to stay up to date: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

March 28, 2020 – The large Keukenhof pond

In this fourth tour of Keukenhof, gardener Andre tells about his favorite place in Keukenhof.

March 31, 2020 – Tulips, tulips and more tulips

This time a Keukenhof tour with director Bart Siemerink. Look at many different types of tulips! And he takes you to the tulip that started it all 400 years ago.

2 April 2020 – Enjoy the spring

The Keukenhof flower park is already blooming beautifully due to the warm winter. This video clearly shows how colorful the spring flowers are already.

Flower Forecast 2020*

We expect the flower to bloom 1 to 2 weeks earlier than average growth. Flowering still seems to proceed like in 2019.

This means we expect the following blooming periods for the flower fields:

  • Crocus – are almost done blooming
  • Daffoldils – Most fields are still in full bloom
  • Hyacints – We expect the hyacints to bloom until Mid-April.
  • Tulips – The first tulip fields are blooming. Peak bloom will be around Mid-April till the end of April.

*We try to predict the flowering of the flowers as well as possible. However, the bloom continues to be influenced by nature. Due to weather conditions the flowering process can be different than what we expect.

Flower Map 2020

The advice in the Netherlands is to stay at home and we do not want to encourage many people to come to the flower fields. This summer we will show the summer flowers and in 2021 the tulip fields will be online again.

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