Visit Keukenhof Gardens in May

We get a lot of questions about visiting Keukenhof Gardens in May. Is it worth visit the tulip garden in May? Are there still blooming tulips at Keukenhof and are the tulip fields blooming in May? We will try to answer these question in this blog.

Let start with the fact that Keukenhof Gardens is the best flower experience in Holland in May. Most of the production flower fields around the gardens are done blooming because the tulip farmers cut the flowers but Keukenhof Gardens will continue to bloom until closing day. (19 May in 2019).

Do the tulips in Keukenhof bloom in May?

The short answer is yes. In May there are many tulips in bloom in Keukenhof Spring Garden. The flower park looks amazing and we like the fact that the trees become greener and greener. The most beautiful photos are made in May because of this greener trees who look great with the colors of the tulips. Of course the early tulips will be done blooming but the late tulips (mostly the bigger ones) are showing there colors till mid May.

Different layers of flower bulbs

Keukenhof Spring Garden is the biggest show garden in Europe and they plant the flower bulbs in different layers. Because of this the early flowers bloom first followed by the later flowers. Up to 3 to 4 layers of flowers can be planted, creating a long flowering period.

Indoor Flower Shows & events

At Keukenhof Gardens there are also many flower shows en special events. At the indoor flower shows you will see a great variety flowers. The special events will give you an extra for no extra charge. Think about bird shows and music events. More about the indoor flower shows at Keukenhof

The flower fields in May

As we mentioned earlier, the chance of seeing a lot of flowering flower fields in May is not very large. Usually the flowers on the flower fields are removed by the tulip farmer as soon as they are at their best. Read more about removing the flowers on the tulip fields.

Visit Keukenhof

So, if you visit Holland early in May then you are lucky. Keukenhof Gardens is open every year until about mid-May. Come see the tulips near Amsterdam and book your tickets online to skip the line.

Tickets for Keukenhof Gardens 2019

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Keukenhof Skip the line ticket > 12 year€ 18,00Buy tickets
Kids ticket 4-11 years€ 8.00Buy tickets
Kids up to 3 yearsFree
Parking ticket Day pass€ 6,00Buy tickets
Bus (return ticket) + Keukenhof Skip the line€ 25,00Buy tickets
Rental Bike at Keukenhof€ 10,00Buy tickets
Keukenhof Guided Tour from Amsterdam
including a visit to a real tulip farm
€ 69,00Buy tickets

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