Tulip Festival 2024 tickets

Thank you for your interest in tickets for the Tulip Festival Amsterdam 2024. The Tulip Festival will be held from Thursday 21 March to Sunday 12 May. It will be an extra festive edition as Keukenhof Gardens celebrates its 75th anniversary. The first tickets for this Tulip Festival are available now. Check out the bookable tickets below and book directly.

Available Tulip Festival 2024 tickets & tours

Tulip Festival tickets are popular every season and many activities allow a limited number of visitors per day and arrival time. This way, it is possible to control crowds. We recommend booking your tickets for activities and tours on time to ensure you can visit your activity on the day and time of your choice and avoid queuing.

Keukenhof tickets (with and without transport)

Tours from Amsterdam including Keukenhof 2024 ticket

Tours from Amsterdam to the 2024 Dutch Flower Parade

Sightseeing the tulip fields 2024

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