How to get to Keukenhof garden

How do i get to the Keukenhof tulip garden?

Keukenhof Garden is located in the south-west of the Amsterdam region in Holland. In dutch the area is called ‘Bollenstreek’. It’s only a 24 miles (40 km) drive from the city centre of Amsterdam. There are different ways to get to the park. Below we will describe the different options.

Book a tour with a tour company

From the Amsterdam City centre several tour companies organize tours to Keukenhof Garden. You will travel with a bus (mostly with a guide) to Keukenhof. You can also choose to combine Keukenhof with a visit to other populair attractions near Amsterdam like Volendam, Marken or Zaanse Schans.

 Easy transport without thinking about anything (except getting at the bus in time )

You can combine Keukenhof with other attractions like Volendam and Zaanse Schans.

Mostly there is a tour guide which knows a lot about Holland and speaks a lot of languages.

Your Keukenhof ticket is mostly included in the price of the tour.

 Mostly you travel in big groups of tourists.

Very tight time schedule which give you less options for enjoying the flower fields in the Keukenhof area.

Tours can be expensive if you travel with a big group.

Check the available tours from Amsterdam. The Hague and Rotterdam

Top 5 tours to Keukenhof from Amsterdam

Travel with public transport

During opening period of the Keukenhof garden there is a direct busline, the Keukenhof Express bus, from train stations in Amsterdam, Schiphol, The Hague and Leiden.

 Cheap way yo get to Keukenhof Garden

You can plan your own day (busses travel every 5 minutes on busy days)

There can be long waiting times for the Keukenhof Express bus during busy days.

Buy ticket for direct busline to flower fields and Keukenhof

Get a taxi from Amsterdam

From the Amsterdam city centre the drive to Keukenhof is just around 40 minutes (without traffic jams).

Very comfortable way of traveling to Keukenhof.

If you travel alone of with two people a taxi is expensive. 

Drive to Keukenhof by car

Keukenhof is easily accessible by car. There is a big parking area where you can park your car and even your motorhome.

you can navigate to the following address:

  • Keukenhof Garden
  • Stationsweg 166a
  • 2161 AM Lisse
  • The Netherlands

From the Amsterdam city centre the drive to Keukenhof is just around 40 minutes (without traffic jams).

Parking at the Keukenhof parking area will cost you € 6,- for the day. There is a special parking area for motorhomes.The parking area will be closed one hour after the park closed. It is not allowed to camp overnight. you can order your parking ticket online so you don’t have to wait in line.

 You are free to drive to other locations such as the beautiful flower fields or the nice beaches of Amsterdam.

Buy Keukenhof tickets online and enter Keukenhof without standing in line

Walking or biking to Keukenhof Garden

You can also choose to book a hotel or bed & breakfast nearby Keukenhof. This will give you the change to fully enjoy the Keukenhof and the tulip fields in your own pace. There are also special tours in the Bollenstreek area where you can discover everything about Holland.

 Go to Keukenhof at opening hour.

 Have time to fully enjoy the beautiful flower fields in the Keukenhof area

 Have time to explore the other highlights of the Bollenstreek area like the beautiful beaches & dunes and the wonderful island Kaag with a nice Cheese Museum.

It’s more expensive than a one day visit.

Accommodations can be fully booked fast (so planning your trip early is recommended).

Check our flower map to see some recommend hotels nearby Keukenhof and the Dutch flower region.