Keukenhof Express bus combi tickets

Keukenhof Express bus Arriva 859 from Hoofddorp Station

The Keukenhof Express bus 859 is a fast way to travel from Amsterdam center to Keukenhof Gardens. Read all about the prices, timetable and FAQ’s for Arriva’s bus line 859 from Hoofddorp station to the tulip gardens.

Keukenhof bus Hoofddorp Station 859 (397)

Keukenhof bus 859 is perfect for travel from popular spots in Amsterdam Center like Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum and Museumplein. To travel to Hoofddorp Station from Amsterdam you can take bus 397 (Airport Express Bus)

Price Keukenhof bus 859 ticket

You can buy a round trip bus ticket for Keukenhof bus 859 + a Skip the line entrance ticket for Keukenhof Gardens for € 29,50. These combi tickets are only available online. If you want to travel with bus 397 to Hoofddorp Station please make sure to buy a Amsterdam ticket (€ 34,50)

The Keukenhof bus 859 is also included in the Tulip Festival Card.

With the Tulip Festival Card you will have unlimited travel within the Amsterdam region, get Skip the line entrance for Keukenhof, get a Tulip hike or bike route and a 1-hour Amsterdam canal cruise.
Combi ticket Bus 859Adult€ 29,50
Combi ticket Bus 859
+ 397 (Amsterdam ticket)
Adult€ 34,50
Kids (4-17 years)€ 16,00
Tulip Festival Card – 1 dayAdult€ 55,00
Kids (4-17 years)€ 42,50
Tulip Festival Card – 2 daysAdult€ 65,00
Kids (4-17 years)€ 52.50
Tulip Festival Card – 3 daysAdult€ 75,00
Kids (4-17 years)€ 62,50

Timetable Keukenhof bus 859 (Arriva)

The express bus is a direct transfer and will bring you in about 15 minutes to the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens. This bus line runs 8 times per hour.

How to travel to Hoofddorp Station from Amsterdam

Keukenhof express bus map

Are you staying in other parts of Amsterdam center? Then you can take the Airport Express Bus 397 to Hoofddorp Station. The metro runs 12 times per hour and takes you to the Keukenhof Express departure location (bus number 852). There are also buses from Amsterdam Zuid (bus 341) and Amstelveen Bus Station (bus 300) that go to Hoofddorp Station.

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, there will be no buses to and from Keukenhof for several hours due to road closers for the Flower Parade. If you want to travel with the Keukenhof bus please make sure to travel as early as possible.

You can travel with the Keukenhof bus 859 with a day (round trip) ticket, Combiticket, Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket (Tulip Festival Card),

No, combi tickets are only available online. At the bus you can buy a day ticket for € 14,50 (only round trip for Bus 859 so no entrance).

If you only want a bus ticket (without Keukenhof entrance) you can buy a round trip bus ticket for Keukenhof bus 859 for € 14,50. These day tickets can be purchased at the departure locations. It is not possible to pay with cash.