Want to create your own tulip garden? Buy your flower bulbs in september or october

Are you crazy about the colorful tulips in the spring? Then it’s time to make your own tulip garden. Buy a nice mix of flower bulbs and plant them in your own garden. it will be a colorful Spring in 2019. Below we will mention some of our favorite tulip bulb packages from Amazon.com.

Tulipa Triumph – 100 Tulip bulbs Mixture

Tulip bulb mix 100 tulip bulbs mix

The most famous tulips are the Triumph tulips with their typical tulip shape. This package is a nice mix of different pastel colors and gives a colorful image in the spring. The bulbs have a size 12 which is the best quality. You can plant these bulbs in the autumn and your tulip garden will bloom in the spring. The flower bulbs are in a beautiful package which makes it a nice gift to give away.

50 Red Oxford Tulip Bulbs

The most popular color tulip is the red tulip. This package with 50 red tulip bulbs ensure that this beautiful color is not lacking in your own tulip garden.

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