Gouda cheese market

Cheese market Gouda | Opening hours, prices and travel directions

Say cheese and you say Gouda! Gouda cheese is one of the best known and most eaten kinds of cheese in the world. Gouda Cheese owes its name to the fact that this Dutch cheese has been traded in the city of Gouda for centuries. To this day, the famous Gouda Cheese is still made in the traditional way in the polders around the town, where the cows that provide their milk for the cheese each day can be found grazing. The farmers bring the cheese from the polders to the centre of Gouda, where they are traded on the cheese market.

Gouda Cheese Market

The Gouda Cheese market is a spectacular and historic scene, held every Thursday morning from April 4th to August 29th 2019. Farmers negotiate over the price with the traders in front of the Waag (the Weighing House). The deal is still sealed with a handshake, as it has been for centuries. The cheeses are delivered to and from the market on wagonettes and weighed after the sale in the monumental Goudse Waag building. On several dates during the holidays there is also a Gouda childeren’s cheese market. And if after the cheese market you go in search of the rich history of the city, you will come across our Gouda cheese in various places …

Opening hours Gouda Cheese Market

Thursday Morning (10.00 – 12.30 )
Cheese trading with the traditional handshake, cheese-making, craft/speciality market.

The Goudse Waag (Gouda Cheese Weighing House), one of the three most important historic buildings in Gouda, played an important role in the cheese trade for centuries. Commodities were weighed here to determine the tax due on them. Since 1920, only the world-famous Gouda cheese has continued to be weighed here. This magnificent, monumental building currently houses the Cheese and Crafts Museum, where you can learn everything about the history of Gouda cheese and how it is made. The museum is also packed with information on Gouda crafts. Cheese-making demonstrations are held here on a regular basis and you can also watch how Gouda pipes are made. In the shop on the ground floor, you’ll find everything to do with cheese. The Gouda tourist information office is also located in the Goudse Waag.

Opening hours Cheese and craftmuseum The Goudse Waag (Weighing House):

23 March to 31 Octdaily
10.00 – 17.00

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