Dutch Tulip fields amsterdam keukenhof

Where are the tulip farms in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is famous for it’s tulip flowers but of course the flowers don’t grow in the city centre of Amsterdam. The flower farms are located nearby Amsterdam. You will find them in on the south-west of Amsterdam and in the North of Amsterdam.

There are two kinds of flower farms in the Netherlands. A farm can grow flower bulbs or just the flowers. The first sells the flower bulbs all over the world for gardeners who love to plant flower bulbs and enjoy a colorful garden in spring. The second sells the flowers that can be found in flower shops all over the world.

The flower fields you can enjoy in spring are mostly from flower farmers that grow flower bulbs. The flowers are not going to a flower shop at all. That’s why you can enjoy the colorful flowers a lot longer on the flower fields. The farmers that grow flowers are mostly located in big greenhouses where the flowers are not visible from the outside. In the greenhouses they can grow tulips and other flowers all year long. So they don’t depend on weather conditions in winter and spring.

Most of the flower bulbs farmers are located nearby Amsterdam. The greenhouses are also located in other parts of the Netherlands.

Below we will list some flower farmers. You can visit some of them or order there product on there webshops.

Flower Bulb Farms

 Flower Farms (with picking gardens)

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