Cycle routes tulip fields Keukenhof

Cycle routes along the tulip fields around Keukenhof in Holland

Cycling is the ideal way to enjoy the tulip fields around the Keukenhof gardens in the Holland. It is also the best way to easily travel to the tulip farm Tulperij or flower attraction like Tulip Experience Amsterdam and The Tulip Barn. There are several bicycle routes that allow you to see the most beautiful flower fields in the vicinity of Amsterdam. If you want to discover the tulip fields by bike, it is good to think beforehand about what kind of bike route suits you best and what you want to see along the way. If you want to visit a flower attraction, book your visit in advance.

There are different types of cycle routes with different distances and places of interest to cycle along. The tulip fields are about 35 kilometers away from the center of Amsterdam so the cycling routes start at Keukenhof Gardens near the tulip fields (check our travel tips to Keukenhof). If you don’t have your own bike then you can easily rent a bike near Keukenhof.

Keukenhof cycle routes

The official Keukenhof cycle routes are very populair with visitors of Keukenhof Gardens. The routes are easy to follow due to the clear signage and along the route you can see the most beautiful flower fields around Keukenhof Gardens. There are four signed routes and each Keukenhof cycle route has its own color.

Don’t you want to cycle but walk? The Keukenhof routes can also be hiked.

Keukenhof bike routes

Blue route | 5 kilometers

The blue Keukenhof cycle route is only 5 kilometers long and perfect for people who can’t cycle well yet or have little time. During the bike route you can pass Keukenhof Castle and the flower fields overlooking the famous Keukenhof windmill. If that doesn’t make for some nice photos.

Purple route | 10 kilometers

The purple Keukenhof cycle route is a varied route of 10 kilometers where you bike along many flower fields but you can also visit a real tulip farm. You can also cycle through the center of the flower village of Lisse and you can go to Museum The Black Tulip. A must is also to visit the St. Agathakerk. This cathedral of the Bollenstreek is free to visit during the day.

Green route | 15 kilometers

The green Keukenhof cycle route with 15 kilometers is suitable for the more experienced cyclist. This route passes many different flower fields and Keukenhof Castle. You will also pass the Tulip Experience Amsterdam and the Tulip Barn.

Red route | 25 kilometers

The longest Keukenhof bike route is the red route. With 25 kilometers this route is for the advanced cyclist. You will of course pass the beautiful flower fields of the blue and green route, but as an extra you will discover the unique dune area and the beautiful wide sandy beach with the red route. You will be amazed by the different landscapes you encounter on this route. And who knows, you might even meet a deer in the dunes. This routes will also pass the Tulip Experience Amsterdam and the Tulip Barn.

Tulip route | 15 kilometers

You can also combine the blue and the purple route for the perfect tulip route in Holland. You can visit all flower attractions. Check the route description on the Flower Tour website for details information.

Amsterdam flower region cycle route | 35 km

Flower Bike Route Holland

The flower region near Amsterdam is called in the Dutch Bollenstreek. The region is of course known for its beautiful tulip fields in spring and the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, but the Bollenstreek has much more to offer with over 14 kilometers of beach and a vast dune area. The Flower Tour Company, in cooperation with the tourism agency, has developed a varied cycling route. The bike route uses the simple junction system that allows you to cycle from number to number.

With the Amsterdam flower region cycling route you will visit the most beautiful spots of the Bollenstreek. Explore the beach, the dunes and the flower fields and visit the cozy flower villages Lisse and Noordwijkerhout. You will also pass a tulip farm and several beautiful monuments. The cycling route is 35 kilometers long and suitable for advanced cyclists.

This bike route is good to use as a bike route to the Keukenhof Gardens from your hotel in the Bollenstreek. Along the route there are beautiful hotels. For an overview of hotels along this cycle route look at: hotels along the Bollenstreek cycle route »

Do you want to stay informed about the flowering expectation of the flowers? Take a look at our Flower Forecast.

Guided bike tour around Keukenhof tulip fields

Another option is to join the guided Keukenhof bike tour. In this bike tour, you will cycle together with a local guide along the most beautiful flower fields. You will visit a tulip farm and the guide will tell you more about the region and the cultivation of tulips. The local guide also knows exactly where which flower fields are in bloom.

The bike tour lasts 2.5 hours and costs €45.00 including rental bike. The starting location is Hotel Lowietje just 400 metres from the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens.

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