Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens test days

Keukenhof Gardens has been allowed by the Dutch government to participate in a trial to test how locations could be safely opened during the corona pandemic. This will allow 5,000 visitors a day to enjoy the flower park on a number of days. Below, we explain how the test works and we hope that these test days will contribute to Keukenhof being allowed to open.

When are the Keukenhof test days?

Keukenhof Gardens is allowed to open in two weekends as a trial. These are the weekends Friday 9 to Sunday 11 April and Friday 16 to Sunday 18 April. During these test days Keukenhof is open from 8:00 till 19:30 hrs.

How does a Keukenhof visit go during the trial days?

The main difference with normal opening days is that anyone who wants to visit Keukenhof during the trial days must have a negative corona test that is not older than 40 hours upon entering the park. The corona test is free of charge and must be taken at one of the 100 special corona test facilities. There is also a test site close to the entrance of Keukenhof.

Can I also visit the Keukenhof trial days with a foreign passport?

Yes, with a foreign passport you can also buy tickets and get tested.

What do you notice in Keukenhof?

In Keukenhof, you can simply enjoy the blossoming of the spring flowers. Of course, all applicable corona measures such as the 1.5 metre distance rule apply in the park. The restaurants are closed but takeaway food and drink is open at various locations in the park.

How do I buy tickets for the Keukenhof trial days?

Only a limited number of tickets are still available for Friday 16 April. Do you want to enjoy the tulips this weekend? Take a look at our corona proof activities.

Do you want to make use of this unique opportunity to visit Keukenhof? It is now possible to buy tickets for 16 April, 17 April and 18 April. The website for making a test appointment is also online. Follow the 5 steps below

  1. Book one or more tickets in the webshop (only in Dutch) with a maximum of 6 per person.
  2. Then make a test appointment on for a free test. Please note:
    • The test result may not be more than 40 hours old when you enter Keukenhof.
    • Testing is only possible after making an appointment via the link above at a specially designated test site.
    • A vaccination certificate, a negative test from another test location or a negative self test do not count as a test certificate to be allowed to visit Keukenhof.
    • After the test you will receive the result by email within an hour.
  3. Download the CoronaCheck app on your smartphone via the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android).
  4. Enter the code you received in the email with the test result into the CoronaCheck app: you will then immediately receive a digital test certificate.
  5. Visit Keukenhof on the day and time you booked and show:
    • The test certificate in the CoronaCheck app (the negative test result)
    • Your Keukenhof admission ticket
    • Your identity card

We wish you a unique and colourful day at Keukenhof!

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