Blooming report March 8th 2018

This is the second blooming report of 2018. Every week we will write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

March 8st 2018: Ice flowers

Last week was still very cold. Last weekend the Dutch where ice skating on the canals of Amsterdam. Growing of the flower fields did come to a stop. Last Monday the weather was getting better and all the ice as melted. The flower fields are preparing for Spring. We see a growing number of green fields. But there are still a lot of brown fields.

Forecast March weather

The two weeks weather forecast predicts a lot of rain. The temperature will go up but the nights will remain cold.

Blooming prediction

It’s still too early for a precise prediction but we think that the blooming period of the flower fields is likely to start about one or two weeks later than normal. It still depends on how the weather will be in the coming weeks. Sunshine and higher temperatures are welcome.


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