Blooming report: Spring is coming, a little later…

Welcome to our first blooming report of 2018. Every week we will write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

March 1st 2018: Cold February

Last February was very cold. It was the coldest February since 1996. It was also very sunny. Because of the cold the flower bulbs are still in wintersleep. Looking at the flower fields we see that there are fields where the flowers are starting to grow. This is mostly because January was a warm month. At this moment the growing has stoped and the flower bulbs are waiting for warmer weather.

Forecast March weather

The two weeks weather forecast predicts still cold weather. The temperature will go up but the nights will remain cold. There will be more rain in March.

Dutch weather predictions march 1 2018

Blooming prediction

It’s too early for a precise prediction but we think that the blooming period of the flower fields is likely to start about a week later than normal. It all depend on how the weather will be in the coming weeks.

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