Blooming report March 15th 2018

This is our third blooming report of 2018. Every week we will write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

March 15th 2018: We do see some colors but it’s getting cold…again.

After a really nice week with sunshine, higher temperatures and some rain some flower fields are ready to bloom. We even see some color in the fields. Mostly yellow and purple (daffodils and crocuses). The tulips and hyacinths are still in early growing.

Forecast March weather

The two weeks weather forecast predicts some winter weather. Not quit what we are hoping for but we can expect some very low temperatures and maybe even snow.


Blooming prediction

It’s still too early for a precise prediction but we think that the blooming period of the flower fields is likely to start about two weeks later than normal. It still depends on how the weather will be in the coming weeks. Sunshine and higher temperatures are welcome.

Flower Map

Every week we will update the map and let you discover the best flower fields around Keukenhof.

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