Blooming report March 22th 2018 – Keukenhof Garden is open

This is our fourth blooming report of 2018. Every week we will write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

March 22th 2018: Keukenhof Garden is open

Last week was sunny but still cold. The flowers are slowly waking up from their winter sleep. We have seen some color on the flower fields. Mostly yellow of early daffodils fields.

Forecast March / April weather

It is cloudy with rain and sunshine in the coming days. Temperatures are around average and there is a fair wind.

Blooming prediction

We expect the flower fields to lag behind normal flowering for about 2 weeks. This means that the tulip fields will only be in full bloom in the second half of April. Of course, this can still change when the spring weather shows up quickly.

Flower Map

Every week we will update the map and let you discover the best flower fields around Keukenhof.

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