rainy day in Keukenhof Gardens

Tips for visiting Tulip Festival on a rainy day

Spring in Holland is ideal with glorious sunshine and nice temperatures. Unfortunately, of course, sometimes it can be rainy. During the Tulip Festival, there are great activities to do even on rainy days and you can still enjoy the tulips in Holland.. A big advantage of visiting the tulips during a rainy day is that it is usually a lot quieter in Keukenhof Gardens and at the tulip fields. Read our tips below should it unexpectedly be a rainy day during your visit to the tulips

Visit one of the indoor activities during the Tulip Festival.

indoor tulip shows Keukenhof
Hundreds of tulip varieties at the indoor flower show during the first opening days of Keukenhof Gardens

During rainstorms, you can plan indoor activities. At Keukenhof Gardens, for instance, there are several great indoor flower shows. These shows are highly recommended even during sunny days but, of course, during a rainstorm, completely ideal to visit. In Keukenhof Gardens, there are also many trees present that make it rain less hard when you walk under the trees.

Other attractions also have indoor spaces. Tulip Experience Amsterdam, for instance, has a beautiful section explaining tulip growing in the Netherlands and an indoor tulip picking garden. 

Photographing tulips with raindrops

If you’re in Keukenhof and it’s raining, we definitely recommend you try this. Did you know that it can be very beautiful to photograph tulips with raindrops on them? Tulips with raindrops on them can capture a unique moment that is not always easy to find. It can produce a unique and beautiful photo! Play around with exposure, depth of field, and composition. Photographing tulips with raindrops on them can result in beautiful and unique photos!

In your travel luggage, consider a rain jacket and or umbrella

If you travel to the Netherlands then it is always handy to bring a rain outfit. This can be a rain jacket or a rain poncho. An umbrella is also a handy item to have with you should it suddenly start to rain. At Keukenhof Gardens, rain ponchos and umbrellas are also on sale at the souvenir shops.

Sightseeing the tulip fields during the rain

sightseeing Land Rover safari tour
sightseeing Land Rover safari tour

During your visit, you’ll naturally want to check out the flower fields. From Keukenhof Gardens, there are a number of viewpoints but you really experience the flower fields with a sightseeing tour. There are tours that are covered such as the Renault Twizy tour and the Land Rover tour.

A cycle route is of course also possible. The Dutch cycle a lot and also during rain. We would definitely recommend rainwear then, though. An umbrella is not recommended while cycling. If you book a guided bike tour, your local guide can figure out the best schedule for the bike tour. The guides will try to make the most of the rainy day.

Plan your day based on the weather forecast

During a rainy day, it is good to check the expected weather during the day. It almost never rains all day at a stretch. There are often dry periods between showers. A handy tool is the rainstorms service (dutch) below. It allows you to see how likely it is that it will rain in the next three hours. Based on this forecast, you can plan your day. By the way, did you know that rain can also have a beautiful effect on tulips? Especially when the sun appears between showers, it often gives a nice effect on photos. Because it is also often quieter on rainy days, you can also take nicer photos.

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