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How to travel from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Centre

After your flight to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you will have to travel to your final destination in Holland. A lot of travellers will travel to the centre of Amsterdam to enjoy the city.

Amsterdam’s city centre is not far from the airport so you don’t have to travel long. We will mention the four most popular options for you to consider for your travel to the city’s centre.

Take a Taxi to Amsterdam

When you leave the airport you will see lot’s of taxis. There is also an Uber platform if you would like to use Uber. We advise to book a taxi in advance so you don’t have to search for the right taxi. There are illegal taxis operating at Schiphol Airport. If you are approached at the airport for a taxi do not go with these people. Chances are that it is an illegal taxi that you often pay too much for. A taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam will cost about € 53,00 for a single ride. If you order in advance you can get a discount if you also book the return ride. A return taxi ride will cost around € 100,00.

Are you in for a luxurieus way to travel to Amsterdam. Then book a car at Dutch Business Limousine. You will be welcomed at the arrivals hall with a welcome sign with your name, and your chauffeur will escort you and your luggage to the nearby parked Limousine. This service is already available for € 70,66

The pro’s for the taxi:

  • If you travel with more people it’s cheaper then the train
  • Your luggage is safe in the taxi and you do not have to mess around with your luggage
  • Transport is directly to your hotel in Amsterdam so you will arrive fast at your hotel

You can book your taxi in advance so you don’t have to search for the right taxi. Book you taxi online.

Take the train to Amsterdam

There is a fast connection from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the City centre of Amsterdam. The trains are leaving every 10 minutes. The train will take you to Amsterdam centre in just 10-15 minutes. You will arrive at Amsterdam Central Station where a lot of hotels are located. From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a taxi, metro or bus if your hotel is not nearby the train station.

A train ticket from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam center will cost you just € 9,50. If you buy a return ticket it’s even cheaper: € 14,50

The pro’s for the train:

  • Fastest connection to Amsterdam Centre
  • Cheapest option to get to Amsterdam Centre
  • Experience how good the Dutch trains are =)

You can order your train ticket in advance so you don’t lose time buying your ticket at the airport. You can buy your train ticket here.

Take the Amsterdam Airport Express bus (public transport) to Amsterdam

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is in the Amsterdam region and therefor you can travel easy with the local Public transport company called GVB. When you buy an GVB pass you can ride the trams, metros and buses, plus the brand new North-South line. When you buy a GVB pass you can enjoy unlimited travel on all GVB routes, regardless of distance, both day and night, for the chosen period. More info about the Amsterdam Airport Express Bus

Prices for the Amsterdam Travel Ticket (including Amsterdam Airport Express)

Kids under 4 travel for free.

Rent a car

Another option is renting a car at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We think this is the best option for discovering Holland but we would not advise it when you have a hotel in the centre of Amsterdam. The parking options are very limited and parking in public parking places is very expensive.

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