driving a car in the netherlands

Discover Holland and the countryside of Amsterdam by car

Do you want to experience the best of the Netherlands during your visit to Amsterdam? Then it is advisable to visit the countryside. You can do this by traveling by public transport, to book an organized tour or by renting a car.

In this article we tell you more about renting a car in the Netherlands and what to look out for. The roads in the Netherlands are good to ride and the signage is easy to understand. All navigation apps work well in Holland so finding your way is not difficult.

Why traveling by car?

If you want to discover the best parts in Holland we strongly advise you to travel by car. It’s the fastest way to travel and driving is very easy. Depending on the amount of people you are traveling with it’s also cheaper than other traveling options such as organized tours and public transport. Most highlights are less than an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

Excellent roadnetwork

Driving a rental car Amsterdam

Holland is not just a small country, which makes for relatively short distances, but the road network is extensive and well-maintained as well. The road signs are very clear, which makes driving a car in Holland very safe. Another advantage is that most of the roads are free so no toll fees for you.

Fuel at gas stations

Gas stations can be found everywhere in The Netherlands. Most of them also offer food, drinks and more. We strongly advise you to buy your fuel in a city of village because it is often a few cents more expensive along the highways.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed on highways varies from 100 to 130 kilometres per hour. Trunk roads have a maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour while the top speed in cities and villages is 50 or 30 kilometres per hour. Several highways feature a speed control system that measures your average speed over a longer stretch of road, so make sure to keep an eye on that speedometer!

Regulations and violations

Traffic safety is very important in the Netherlands. The roads are lined with speed camera detectors and the police monitor roads on a regular basis as well. Don’t exceed the top speed, only make hands-free calls when driving, and don’t drive after you have enjoyed alcoholic beverages. If you do, the fine may cost you several hundreds of euros!

Next to speed violations, a number of other things are important when driving in the Netherlands. You must always wear a seatbelt, both in front and behind. Children smaller than 1.35 metres (below 18) must be transported in a child seat. And of course, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited!

Roadside emergency

If your car breaks down on the road, first take yourself, your passengers and if possible your car to a safe location. You can then contact the Wegenwacht (road service) via roadside emergency telephones or call +31(0)88 2692 888. In emergencies, call the 112 emergency number immediately. Always wait for assistance behind the crash barrier and never leave anyone in the car on the road or shoulder! And finally, never cross the highway as this is extremely dangerous!

Parking your car in the Netherlands

Most cities in the Netherlands have introduced paid parking. You can park your car in the indicated spaces or a covered car park. The available payment methods are generally debit card, credit card and cash.

Driving in Amsterdam

We advise not to drive too much in the center of Amsterdam. It is better to use a parking garage on the outskirts of Amsterdam and to further explore the city on foot, by bike or by public transport.

If you choose to travel with a car then it is also convenient to choose a hotel where you can park easily and from where you can discover the Netherlands well. Often the hotels just outside the center of Amsterdam are also a lot cheaper. For example, consider hotels near Schiphol.

Renting a car in Amsterdam

If you have decided to travel by car and you want to rent a rental car then it is wise to compare. There are many reliable providers of rental cars in the Netherlands. We advise you to check RentalCars.com to make a choose from all the car rental companies in the Netherlands.   Find the best deal for your rental car in the Netherlands  

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