Blooming report April 5 2018 – More and more colors

This is our sixth blooming report of 2018. Every week we will write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

April 5th 2018: More and more colors

The temperatures go up and the flower fields get color. The first tulip fields have been spotted and the region will get even more color in the coming weeks.

Forecast April weather

At last the temperatures rise and the sun appears. The coming week is nice spring weather and perfect to discover the flowers region by bike.

Blooming prediction

Flowering is still behind normal with about two weeks. Peak blooming will be around April 21th. The Hyacint fields will be cut in the week before April 21th because the flowers are used in the Dutch Flower Parade.

Keukenhof garden is getting more colors every day. The outdoor flowers are creating a magical experience. We also advise to rent a bike and ride a cycle route to enjoy the best flower fields around Keukenhof. You can order your Keukenhof tickets and rental bikes online.

Flower Map

Every week we will update the map and let you discover the best flower fields around Keukenhof. If you want to see this flower fields consider renting a bike at Keukenhof including the Flower Tour. All photo’s above and in the flower map below are part of the cycling route Flower Tour.

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