The best tulip photos

How to take the best tulip photo or video

Every year millions of photos and videos are made of blooming tulips at Keukenhof Gardens and the flower fields near Amsterdam. It’s hard not to make a beautiful photo of the bright colored tulips and other flowers but there are some tips on how to take the best tulip photo:

  1. What kind of tulip photo you would like to shoot
  2. Where is the perfect location for your photoshoot 
  3. What is the best time for taking your photo
  4. Share your photo with the world using #welovetulips

1. What kind of tulip photo you would like to shoot

The first question you must ask yourself is what kind of photo would you like to make? Are you looking for the perfect selfie photo, a glamour shoot, wedding photo’s or a family portrait picture? Even if you are only interested in the flowers you still have to thing about taking a photo of the flower fields landscape. The flower arrangements at Keukenhof or taking a closeup shoot. Or maybe you want them all =). 

Tip: take a selfie stick with you if you want to take a selfie picture with the flowers. 

2. Where is the perfect location for your photoshoot

The location is everything for your perfect tulip picture. The most important thing is that there have to be some tulips in bloom. Below you will find the best locations for your tulip pictures:

  • Keukenhof Gardens is the perfect location for most of your tulip pictures and video’s. In early spring they have lots of tulips in bloom at the indoor flower shows and from mid April the tulips in the park are in bloom. 
  • Flower Farms are also very populair for taking photos and videos. But you are not allowed to take photos at all flower fields. 
  • The tulip fields in Holland are just amazing. You can take photos and videos of the flower fields but please do not enter the flower fields. 
  • Events are just amazing for taking unique photos or videos. Check our event calendar to spot events like the Flower Parade, helicopter flights and much more.

Tip: With our Flower Forecast we also give an update on the Flower Map. On this Flower Map you can also see the best locations for taking photos and videos.

3. What is the best time for taking your photo

Keukenhof Gardens early in the morning

The best time for taking pictures of blooming tulips is between Mid April and the first week of May. Of course this all depends on the weather conditions in the weeks before April. Check out our Flower Forecast for free updates on the blooming of the tulips and other flowers. 

But if you want to take the best tulip pictures you also should think about the best time of the day for your pictures. We recommend to shoot your photo’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The two reasons for this are:

  • The morning or evening (sun)light is amazing in combination with the colors of the flowers
  • In the morning or early evening it’s mostly less crowded at the flower fields or Keukenhof Gardens.

4. Share your photos and videos with #welovetulips

Hashtag welovetulips

Last year we introduced a hashtag for social media #welovetulips. With this hashtag we want to make it easier for the world to find tulip pictures of Tulip Festival on social platforms. If you want to share your blooming tulip pictures with the world please make sure to add the hashtag to your photo.

We will also add the hashtag to our postings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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