Flower FIelds The Hague

The dutch flower fields nearby The Hague

Every Spring the Dutch Flower Fields are in Bloom. If you are in the Netherlands between the end of March till the beginning of May it’s worth to bring a visit to one of the flower regions.

Flower Regions

In Holland there are a few big flower regions. The most famous area is the Bollenstreek. Located near the beach and within a short distance to the great cities of the Netherlands. In the North of the Netherlands there are also a lot of beautiful flower fields. In the east of Amsterdam you will find flower fields in Flevoland. Mostly around the city Dronten.

Dutch flower fields dever

Flower Fields near The Hague

If you are located in The Hague the best place to see the blooming flowers is the Flower region Bollenstreek. It’s located just a 30 minutes car ride and it’s the most photogenic area and the centre of the worldwide business in flower bulbs. The area has been the centre of the flower bulb business for more than 400 years. In the Bollenstreek area you will also find the beautiful flower garden Keukenhof which is open from March 21th till May 19th in 2019.

How to travel to the Flower Fields from The Hague

With a car

Traveling to the Flower Fields is easy if you have a car. You just have to drive north for around 30 minutes to the town Lisse. You can park your car at Keukenhof Gardens for just € 6,- for a whole day of flower fun. To see the flower fields at there best we recommend to rent a bike. You can rent a bike at Keukenhof and order it here.

Book your ticket here (incl. parking)

With public transport

The centre of the Flower region hasn’t a train station. So you will have to travel by bus. We recommend to travel to the busstop in Lisse Centrum. Check 9292.nl for the best busline and times.

With a tour bus

The most relaxt way to visit the flower region is by booking a tour to Keukenhof Gardens. The luxe bus will bring you straight to the centre of the flower area. The bus will stop in the Hague: at 10:45 am, at the bus stop Prinsessegracht, next to ministery of finance, Prinsessegracht between the corners of Korte Voorhout and Casuariestraat.- Prinsessegracht The Hague.

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