This is our tenth and last blooming report of 2018. Every week we write a new post with information about the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the blooming predictions.

May 3 2018: Keukenhof is a must visit

The heading of the tulip fields has started. This means that the number of blooming flower fields is quickly reduced. The heading is done to create stronger flower bulbs. The bulbs will be harvested in mid summer. But there is also very good news. Keukenhof is still looking at it’s best and the weather in the Netherlands will be very sunny.

The tulips in the park are beautiful and the trees are also becoming greener and greener. This makes great photo’s =). Together with the sunny weather this week a Keukenhof visit is a must do for everyone.

Check out this photo’s (May 2 2018) of the current blooming in the Dutch Flower Region:

Forecast  May weather: Sunny, sunny and warm

The coming days the weather will be perfect for a visit to Keukenhof garden. The sun will be coloring your day and the temperature will go to summer values. Keukenhof is open till May 13th.

Blooming prediction

Lots of flower fields are gone but the outdoor flowers at Keukenhof are still blooming. Tulips in all colors will get you in the right spring vibe. If you are in Holland the coming days we definitely recommend a visit. The last day of Keukenhof will be Sunday May 13th. So if you want to see the tulips of Holland make sure to visit the park before May 13th. We also recommend to buy your tickets online to avoid the waiting lines.

Flower Map

Every week we will update the map and let you discover the best flower fields around Keukenhof. If you want to see this flower fields consider renting a bike at Keukenhof including the Flower Tour. All photo’s above and in the flower map below are part of the cycling route Flower Tour. There will be blooming tulip fields until May 13th but ask at the rental point where to find the best ones.

Most of the flower fields have been headed to create the best quality bulbs.

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