top video's of the tulip fields

Top 10 most amazing video’s of the Dutch Flower Fields

Millions of photo’s and video’s are made every year of the Dutch Flower Fields. We have selected a top 10 with our favoriet video’s. We countdown from 10 to the numbero uno 

10. Amazing Tulip Fields filmed by a drone.

Seeing the colors in this video always makes me desire for Spring season. This video shows how amazing nature can be. #welovetulips

9. Hang gliding flight over beautiful Dutch Tulip Fields.

On the 0th place we have a nice video of a hang gliding flight over the flower fields in the Noordoostpolder during het Tulpenfestival Noordoostpolder.

8. video of Keukenhof in 4k colors

This video shows the power of the united colors of the flowers at Keukenhof. Be amazed bij the lines and the beauty.

7. Video of a helicopterflight above the tulipfields

Every year when the flower fields are in bloom you can experience the fields from the sky with a helicopterflight. This video is from the flights in the Noordoostpolder. But there are more helicopterflight locations available. Check our helicopterflight page for more info about availability, pricing and booking.

6. Beautiful drone video of Tulip Garden Keukenhof bij Dutch Newsstation

This video has some great relaxing music. The video is shot in the early morning before all the visitors entered the park. It shows how beautiful Keukenhof in the morning is when the park is not yet crowded. It’s one of our tips for visiting Keukenhof Flower Garden.

5. A bird’s eye view of Keukenhof, Flower Fields, Kinderdijk and Zeeland

This amazing high resolution video shows not only the Keukenhof and the Flower Fields. You can also enjoy Kinderdijk and Zeeland. We alway recommend people to see more of Holland and Kinderdijk and Zeeland are two of the Dutch Hotspot listing we made for everyone visiting The Netherlands.

4. One year at a Tulip Farm

Most visitors only see the Tulip Farms in Spring when the flowers are blooming. But the farmer is working hard the whole year to create the best flower bulbs in the world. See the proces in this nice video.

3. Kiteboarding on through the Dutch Flower Fields near Keukenhof

This video is really amazing. Drone pilot Enki and Kiteboarder Gijs Wassenaar have made an unbelievable video. Do not try this on your one 

2. Official Dutch Flower Parade Bollenstreek video

Great video which shows the making of the Dutch Flower Parade and the route it’s making on Flower Parade day. If you are in The Netherlands it’s a must visit. If you are not in The Netherlands on the 21th of April 2018…. Go book you vacation 

1. Wakeboarding between the flower fields near Keukenhof

The number one video is this insane wakeboarding video between the flower fields near Keukenhof. The video has won the first price at the Dutch Drone Film Festival 2017 and now has made it to our number one in our top 10 video’s.

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