Driving a rental car Amsterdam

Is it wise to rent a car in Amsterdam?

When you are visiting Amsterdam and want to enjoy the flower fields in Spring you have a couple of options for your transport. One of them is to rent a car and drive yourself. The Amsterdam region is very car friendly. There are a lot of parking places (around the city centre). Traffic jams are only at rush hour on working days and with a traffic service like TomTom Traffic, Google Maps or Apple Maps you will be guided the perfect way.

Car rental cheapest transport option?

Renting a car is one of the cheapest options for transport when you travel with two till four people.  A small car can be rented for the whole weekend for less than € 100,-. Holland is very compact so you will not have to drive many miles to get to your destination. Check you cheapest and coolest rental cars at our partner Rentalcars.com

Of course you will have more expenses like parking fees en fuel. But the biggest benefit of renting a car is freedom to move. You can make your own choices where you want to go.

Hotel in city centre of Amsterdam?

If you already have booked a hotel in the city centre of Amsterdam we do not recommend you to rent a car. Parking fees in the city centre are very high and most attractions in the centre are within walking distance.

If you didn’t book a hotel already we advise you to check out the hotels in the Amsterdam region. They mostly have enough (free) parking spaces and you will pay a lot less for your hotel room. When you want to visit Keukenhof Tulip Garden or an other attractions outside the city centre, you can think about booking a hotel nearby Keukenhof. You can make tours though the flower fields, enjoy the dutch coast line and when you want to visit Amsterdam City it’s only a 40 minutes drive from your hotel.

 you can plan your own day and go for an early or late visit to Keukenhof with better light for photo’s and less visitors

  the cost can be lower if you travel with more people

  you can combine your visit to Keukenhof with other attraction like the dutch coast, cheese museum on the unique Kaag island, visiting the villages

  you can drive the tulip car tour and see the blooming flower fields

Where to get your Rental Car in Amsterdam?

Best place to pick up your rental car is direct at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Most of the rental companies have a location near or on the airport. When you rent a car for your whole stay you can drop the car at the airport when you are leaving. Our partner Rentalcars.com will give you a complet list of rental companies available.

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