When will the flower fields be blooming

When is the best time to see the tulip fields around Amsterdam?

When you are visiting the Netherlands in spring you want to see the flower fields in bloom but the blooming depends on the weather conditions in the first months of the year. So it isn’t easy to predict the blooming of the flower fields.

We are located in Lisse (location of the Keukenhof) so we see the flower fields every day. We will provide a weekly update about the status of the flower fields and the flower blooming in Keukenhof. This weekly update will start in February and ends on the 13th of May 2018. Our weekly reports will also give you free information about events and tours around Keukenhof and Amsterdam. In the other months we will send a monthly update about the tulips.

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‘Normal’ blooming season

The blooming of the flower fields in the Netherlands depends on the weather conditions in winter and early spring. When the weather is cold the flower fields are growing much slower than when the weather is warm. A cold winter and spring will result in a delay of the blooming flower fields. A warm winter and spring will result in a earlier blooming periode. 

In the Amsterdam flower area are more kinds of flowers besides tulips. Every flower has it’s own blooming period. The normal blooming period per flower is:

• Snowwhites – February – March

• Crocus – February – March

• Daffoldils – March and April

• Hyacints – April and beginning of May

• Tulips – April and beginning of May

Blooming prediction

The prediction of the blooming is very difficult. The weather in the Netherlands is very hard to predict. In a normal year, Mid April till the end of April is the best period to see the tulip fields. If you want to keep updated about the blooming prediction, please sign up for our free email updates.


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