Dutch cheese is world famous. Dutch Cheese is also called the ‘yellow gold’. Every year, the Dutch export hundreds of millions of tones of cheese. The Dutch eat around seven pounds per person each year.

In the countryside of the Netherlands you see a lot of cows. The cheese is produced from the milk of these cows. The cheese trade is traditionally to be found in Alkmaar, Gouda and Edam. Trading is done through a market and traders buy and sell cheese in the traditional way. The cheese markets nowadays have many visitors from all over the world who want to see this traditional Dutch scene.

A visit to a traditional cheese market is highly recommended. The cheese markets are easily accessible from Amsterdam. The cheese markets are held in beautiful Dutch cities and villages.

Cheese market in the city of Alkmaar – Every friday from March 30 – September 28 2018

Cheese market in the city of Gouda –

Cheese market in Edam village –

Tours to Dutch cheese markets:

From the city center of Amsterdam you can take a tour to one of the Dutch Cheese markets.

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